10 Warriors normal mode raid


So last night rather than doing our usual pet run raid we did a 10 warrior raid, it was a lot of fun and I just wanted to post it here for anyone that missed it, we killed all the normal mode bosses apart from boss 2 which we had a 1% wipe on, we tried again after but did worse, possibly because people were worn out due to it being the end of the night or just too much alcohol, either way, it was a great run, hope you enjoy the videos :smiley:

Boss 1

Boss 2

Boss 3

Boss 4

Boss 5


I thought the maximum amount of players per dungeon was 5 since maximum party members is 5


Raids are 10man, it’s just dungeons that are 5man


Oh ok and wow all that sword slashing and hitting , if only knights could revive you all would probably had won