14 days left until first open alpha hype thread

Only 14 days and man am I excited, even though I have my final university exams coming up 2 days after it. This thread is to share the excitement. Let the count down begin!

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Checks forums

Checks calendar

Continues coding frantically…


LOL I’m taking a web app development class at my school, and sometimes I feel like that coding my programs that are due soon.

Such Excite


Bruh, me and the bro are gonna spend hours just opening the menu :joy::joy: is it beta for Vive and Touch?

Yes the Alpha is on Vive and Touch both. It’s still just using SteamVR/OpenVR for the Touch support, though. But I’m testing it on my local Touch setup and it seems to work just fine. You just don’t get the benefit of ASW.

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