2 hours in and here is what i suggest

So i am 2 hours into the game and enjoying it but i have notice some issues “dont know if its just me or not”.

Problem 1: For the Vive the touch sensitive movement. For me the movement was to fast and to sensitive.

Solution : Add a sensitive slider in ur menue to slow u down. too as slow as u can move if u were in combat or as fast as now

Problem 2: i know this is probably just my bad drawing skills but the rune mage skills seem to be very specific.

For example the skill that is an M no matter how hard i tried or how precise i was it never worked_

on the other hand the one with the diamond and a line through it i could almost draw a circle and it would work dont understand this quite yet but prob is my lack of skill/practice

No Solution i can think of

these are my only problems atm loving the game and cant wait to get my friend into it so we can do group stuff and hand out

Also heard there is a healer in the works that would be awesome becuase i want to main healer and atm the musket is very lack luster


if you put your finger closer to the center of the track pad it can slow you down i beleive. If not just aim your controller up. if you slowly ark it down like an accelerator you should be able to control the speed

For Problem 2, its just a matter of practice. I missed all of beta, but im still able to cast all the spells relatively well (except for ice lance dear god someone help me), you come to get the hang of it.

As for Mana shield…Yeah, its always been like that. You can get away with some hilarious things with it.


as of now i have 10hs in and id like to clear some stuff up

Problem 1 - Absolutely my own lack of practice with it

i noticed what im calling “Lazy Thumb” id rest my fingure on the touch pad and luanch my self and get frustated with it. 10hs in im dancing while moving and enjoying the movement no complaints about it now - Still would like a movement adjustment for people to fiddle with -

Problem 2 - Absolutely agian my fault kinda - In Game the symbols they show are not sometime the correct way of drawing them like ice lance from what i have been told. its better to draw a more T looking Arrow then and actual up arrow dont fiddle with rune mage atm cuase more focused on healing for pve but when im lvl 20 musket ill prob force myself to learn rune mage since it is by far the coolest and most rewarding of classes to play atm


The mage is a tough class to start the game with. It’s hard, we were all there. Just keep practicing dude. A common mistake is people think they’re drawings look great but aren’t flat, because they never look at from the side.

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do the upstroke and top angled stroke of ice blast in one movement then do the opposite side to make your arrow for lance

doing both in that fashion makes it easy to switch between the two as situation depends. both runes only require two strokes and you can change your mind mid cast as situation dictatesfrost then lance


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