5 reasons why I hate killing aberrations anywhere other than the desert

5 reasons why I hate killing aberrations anywhere other than the desert

  1. I become a bandit when I pick up my OWN party members loot?

  2. I cant teleport whilst i am a bandit outside of the wild zones? What is the logic in that? It’s just annoying because I do not see why,

  3. Abberations aggro radius is just over the top.

  4. elite mob aggro radius is also over the top

  5. world bosses have a better risk/reward ratio if you have an organized group.

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That’s interesting… the desert is my least favorite wilds by far.

I agree that the recent increase to wilds elite/boss aggro is really too much anywhere though.

It might be too high now in the other wilds, I will check.

Really this is all stemming from the fact that we don’t want people just going into the Wilds and avoiding all the monsters and harvesting all the goodies. The idea is supposed to be that there is danger there from the monsters.

We will take another pass at making sure the “spacing” of the monsters is around the same and adjust the aggro radius to fit that, which is fine. But honestly at the end of the day the best solution might be just to make it such that if you harvest a node and there is a monster nearby, it aggros you, that way we don’t have to make the aggro radius overall so large.

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I think the aggro radius is fine. Please don’t change it again.

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or consider increasing the length and variance in the long paths so you have surprises, as even with the increased aggro, once you know where the packs are, you can still avoid them and get most of the harvestables.

Not sure why you think this Johann? It blocks out everyone from wanting to go anywhere close to the center of the wilds?

I understand the intention. But the 5 points I made combined together now just make the wilds feel relentless if you are trying to get newer players geared. Of course it doesn’t matter much if you have 2 geared dps, a geared tank and an experienced healer… But it was a horrible experience with 2-3 newer players yesterday because they just kept dying because of elites randomly jumping us when moving away from the deer charge and other AoE mechanics and caused anxiety for them and boredom for me.

I saw also in a recent patch you increased the number of harvestable nodes in the wilds as well. Arent the two changes countering each other?

What makes the desert your least favourite? The Abberation mechanics are a lot more friendly for newer end-game players and the spreading of the abberations is just about fine from my experience.

I believe the desert is the “worst” wilds because everything is very spread out. Lucian is awesome because you can go from aberration to aberration quickly for the highest return. Honestly I haven’t spent much time in there since the recent aggro radius change so it very well could be crazy difficult now.

We fixed the spawns of two herbs that are found outside the Wilds, and all we did was adjust it so they didn’t spawn on random far off places where they were impossible to gather. So no, I don’t think that’s counter.

I’m not really sure how anything but points 3 and 4 relate to this, and as I already said, I am going to take a look at the aggro radius and spacing, which would solve the exact problem you are describing.

becoming a bandit accidentally means my tank cant be healed. he dies and then is in jail. it definitely makes grinding in the zone feel ‘relentless’ because he has to run back. i hope that addresses point 1 + 2. point 5 is a psychological comparator. if i know that i can go and kill a world boss with my pals and it feels good and killing abberations feels relentless, it makes the abberations grind feel even more relentless.

Okay, well as I said in another thread, Point 1 is intentional…so I mean I assume it won’t happen by accident now that you are aware of it?

As for point 2, as someone else already pointed out, it’s intentional as well so that you can’t simply become a Bandit, walk outside the zone, then teleport to your House or something and make it impossible for people to track you down.

Generally speaking you should never become a bandit if all you’re doing is killing monsters anyway, unless Point 1 comes into play, and as I said I can see how that might happen once but now that the mechanic is known I can’t imagine why it would happen repeatedly?

Lower density and overall variance of harvest nodes (even with the fix), lower density of aberration groups (need to wander forever between spawns), long walk back from graveyard to most of the zone, overall general sameness to the environment, long path up to the top of the mountain with very small yield up there, relatively low drop rate on fishing lure component, high frequency of the crab aberration (countering the jumping and aggro ignoring tends to lower dps against it, etc), long respawn on aberrations (the second time you loop the zone it feels even sparser) etc.

I will agree that it’s a good place for newer end-game players to learn about the wilds, given its proximity to a teleport stone, and the long sight lines.

because people are people and they pick up loot knowing this :stuck_out_tongue:. Let’s see how it goes in a week or two when everyone is used to the mechanics.

I still do not understand the reason why the mechanic in point 1 exists. What is the reason for this? If you are playing in a party of 5 you should trust your party members to give loot back to you right? This is an annoying mechanic if you want to pick up loot for your friend who died and finish farming in the location for example.

Fair points. But yes, my frustrations are mainly not talking about when we have a well geared party with highly experienced players. I am talking about those who just enter. The desert for sure is the place to hone your abberation farming skills.

Once you understand the aggro radius, it is pretty easy to get around them. The aberrations move, so you can get anywhere you need to go.

Glad I got the danger-lite harvests while I had the chance. Also glad it’s been fixed, because it never felt right in the spirit of the game.

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