A couple suggestions on dungeons

So… I enjoy dungeons. Mainly shards but I also like a random dungeons with randoms.

   The one thing that kills ques for me is levels. Dungeons are early mid game content. Not early, early. That being said, I still get qued with 3s, 4s, and 5s. Which is really annoying when I'm farming up my supply of shards/grabbing some XP. 

     My suggestion is: add a level threshold to the ques. If a player is lower than maybe level 8(?) The matchmaker will say something like "level 8 or higher is required to que up for a dungeon." Something like that. 

        I also have another small suggestion. It's kinda weird but Imma drop it. I think a shard que would be nice? The ability to que up for a selected shard run it, and be on your way. Would be great for finding ideal shard groups, and nice for the night owls like me who are on during more inactive times. A level cap on the shard may be needed, however.  Perhaps capping it at 5 or 7? 

        Thanks for reading. I probably spelt "que" wrong throughout this whole thing but auto correct won't work for it so :/ idk.
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I was in a dungeon queue yesterday with some young low level players. No one knew what they were doing and as the only level 30 I was doing my best to carry everyone. It was stressful for me and a waste of time as we tried the boss but did not make it. In the end I suggested we take the experience and leave. A cut off of 8 or maybe even 10 would be good.

Agreed. I get they should learn but the dungeons kinda teaches them that they are hard and rare to complete.

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I know this doesn’t apply to every level 30 but if you know some of the classes well enough you can easily solo dungeons. I do it a fair bit on Musket and on Pally. Both have the ability to keep agro or keep people alive. Depending on the boss you will need a tank but not always a healer and even sometimes you don’t need either depending on how good your dps is. I know dungeon que is sometimes frustrating with younger people that don’t know what they are doing but part of the community is to also teach. If they want to learn great! If not then you can still clear for the most part with higher dps or by taking it slower.
All this said I do believe that there should be some kind of system to at least let people know that you should be lv 8 before attempting your first dungeon since there even is an achievement tied to getting lv 8 called dungeon ready.

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As of when I started playing I didnt get that achievement until level 10. I am on quest tho so maybe it varies per system.

I was just told that the reason the dungeon ready achievement is lv 8 is because of old game. The first dungeon was level 8 so that is why it is that way for that one in particular.

Bingo. Old game dungeons weren’t scaled at the start, and the earliest dungeon (Maeo Sanctum) was designed for a party of level 8s.

I did try my best to keep them alive but I can’t kill a boss and keep an eye on four low levels that go off and do their own thing. I did explain how the boss works and took them through the trash mobs on the way to the boss in the sewer. I am a scoundrel and not a tank but a tank is not too important on that dungeon. I know we all had to learn but I just did not seem to get through to these new players.

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Maybe a starter tutorial dungeon is in order. I am a level 30 on Ranger and Scoundrel but have not been in the dungeons but for a couple times. At level 30 everyone thinks you know the ropes. It would be good to be able to get the hang of it before getting with more serious players in the harder dungeons. I don’t get into the que because the more serious players are not up for helping inexperience players.

Each dungeon has different mechanics. If you’re not sure what to do, just communicate that to your party. Something along the lines of “hey, I haven’t done this dungeon before, can somebody let me know the mechanics?” should get somebody telling you how to handle it.


I recomend you get a party together of newer lvl 30 players and try them out anyway. I recomend you do Level 1 shards because they are preaty tame but you don’t have the dps killing the bosses in half a cycle.

If you approach the boss fights like trying to solve a puzzle, it can be a lot of fun not really knowing what you are doing.

If you want you can contact me ingame (Woltan), than we can do some dungeons together. I’m new level30 player on myself but know the basic mechanics of all dungeons. (onlinetimes 8-10 pm CET).

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Ok, thanks.

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