A few quests I don't understand

1 is The Hunt how do I find the escaped experiments from Pierre Cenn. Next is in the secrets of Mugwood DLC how do I obtain the side quest The return trip. Also what are the pre-requisites for that. Thanks in advance.

Escaped Experiments are on the plateau over Highsteppe, by portal event.

Thanks. Do you know how to get the quest “The Return Trip”?

Unfortunately I’m not very well versed in the DLC

You’ll get access to this one after you’ve finished the 1st few quests in The Lair


Ok. Thanks for the info about the escapees.

Here is a spreadsheet I put together for the MSP DLC

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Ahh ok. I will try to finish the first side quest in the lair and see if it works. I have completed every other quest in the lair.

This has really helped me. I have been using it for a while but there is no where it shows how to get this quest. It has been super duper helpful though. So thanks.

The start of the quest is by where you finish the previous escort quest if I remember correctly

Oh it might be the patrol 2 side quest. Yeah it may be that I am struggling with that one trying to solo it.

I know this is a lot of work for you. I was wondering if anyone has put one of these together for the lore quests. I don’t want to be rude and ask you to do it because you have already done so much for me and probably others with these guides but do you know where I can find ones for the lore quests? The ones I’m confused about are the lost amulets and there are like 2 others where I have hit dead ends. Thanks for all your help with mugwood. I just have to go slay some octofangs and it will be done.

I ran out of time so didn’t get the lore quest ones done, I did the other two while I was off work on furlough and it took almost a full week for each, and that was hours each day, lots of work involved

I leveled up a fresh character on a different account so I could do the lore quests from the beginning on that for the guide but I was holding off until the devs add additional character slots so I can move the character over to my main account and do it on my index as I sold my quest ready for quest 2 and using revive changes all the controls and its annoying to play on, so once we have additional character slots I’ll probably start it then

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Ok. Thanks for all your help. Have a great Friday!