A few "special" ideas for the RuneMage!

So i LOVE the runemage to death, its the only class ive ever gotten past level 3 on both the tests ive participated in. But after having more then a fair share of irritation from the rune-drawing, arm exhaustion, forgetfulness, as well as reading topics on here about similar issues and multiple other things, i thought of a few ideas that could help runemages as well as potentially other classes.

Suggestion 1; Rune Stones, an item you can mine, enchant and imbue a rune into. Once you collect enough of a certain stone, example “Magic-Traced Stone” you can perform a ritual and turn a stack of 10 or so, into a single Rune Stone. From there you can “equip” the stone into your opposite hand of your wand. Next, you would draw the rune like normal, but instead of activating it with the wand hand, activate it with the stone hand. The rune you drew will appear on the stone IF (and only IF) the rune is correct. It will show the rune for the effect it carries (so perhaps if you draw the rune for Magic Shield, but it misinterprets as the Curse one, it will appear on the stone as the Curse. Then, any runes you possess (with a limit of course, perhaps you can only have 5 rune-imbued runes in your inventory, but as many Magic-Traced Stones or Empty Rune Stones as you can/feel like holding)) can float around the wand like the musketeer, and used similarly (except maybe like grabbing the rune with trigger and pressing grip to crush it and send the rune/power to the wand).

Suggestion 2; Custom Spells!!! I don’t know if this was noticed by others, but i’m sure this was done on purpose by the devs, and i noticed it. The Arcane Ray and Arcane Blast share nearly IDENTICAL runes, except for a sideways L to finish it off. this being said, it can be seen that the rune used for the Arcane Ray perhaps directly means “Arcane” while the L shape in the Blast one means “Blast” or “Explosion”. With this said, i think a system of custom spells that can be created by finding runes scattered across the game world, would be an excellent addition! However, this would need to be done with Rituals, so i will also include my next suggestion and explain both together…

Suggestion 3; Magic Scrolls, a piece of magic-imbued paper with runes sketched onto it. These runes can (for the sake of balance) only be runes made for the Custom Spells. Any base magic, such as fireball, arcane blast, magic sheild, etc, can only be imbued into a Rune Stone. Magic Scrolls can store any custom spell in ritual format, but not any pre-existing rituals.
As it stands, the Teleport spell works in 3 steps. I am unsure what 1 and 3 are, but 2 dictates your destination. This is where i am going with Custom spells. In a format similar to (Element, Type, Effect), where the Element refers to fire, ice, water, electric, arcane, dark, etc, Type refers to Blast, Bolt, Beam, etc, and Effect refers to any side-effects it might have, like slow, burn, curse, shield, heal, etc. An effect is not required though, so it can be ended with a very simple rune, like an O. Stronger runes for each of the categories will require more ReAgents. Level 1 runes wont require any though, which can be of great help to people experimenting, practicing, etc. Perhaps these could be “Common” Reagents, instead of the Rare ones mentioned for the Ressurection and Teleport rituals. Reagents that can easily be found in particular areas of the game or bought in shops.
The Scrolls come in that a person could get a Magic Scroll and imbue their personal 3-step ritual into it so that others can use it as well. BUT (to add some gameplay balance and value), its a consumable item that, when used, will put the outlines of the runes in front of the caster and they must draw the runes themselves. Once they cast the spell, the scroll is gone and the outlines are too. Or perhaps the scroll can have 3 uses or something, to give everyone a chance. These custom spells would help a fair bit more power over base spells, at the cost of casting time and memory, so it provides its own balancing system there.

My final suggestion is a special spell that creates a barrier, either as a wall or a dome, around you, that can be used to protect you and your party from powerful attacks. This barrier would push the enemies out of it and would last as long as a certain power source existed. Perhaps it could run off a particular reagent, or perhaps it will draw from your ultimate bar, or maybe even a 3rd bar could be made (like the warrior shield) just for that spell. It would decrease at a set rate and recharge at 50% that rate. So if it can be used for 1 minute, it takes 2 minutes to recharge, and if its not 100% charged, it wont work. So you can use it for 10 seconds, wait 20 seconds, and use again. Depending on your situation, it could be a huge help! OR it could be done like the warriors shield ability, just maybe 50% the health. IDK, im not the game dev, idk the balance they want :smiley:

Anyway, i hope you guys like some of my ideas, really curious to hear what you guys think this time :slight_smile: