A few suggestions

Add an option to see numerical values for health, xp, super etc.

Add another dragon affix for fishing either they slowly catch fish or make it easier to reel in.(or a ring affix) Or an affix that lets them deal damage.

Add healing numbers similar to damage numbers.

Make different fishing rods have different power, so harder to get rods make it easier to catch fish.

Some way to see dps in game without needing an external software.


I have always loved the idea of pets being able to do damage. Even tiny bits of damage, and let them have magical attributes that are minor affixes.

The pet market would explode


The unobtainable oldgame pets would have to be balanced with it tho if each pet had a different attack based on like rarity. Oldgame only pets would have to be powerful to honor those who got those pets (slightly above or equal to rarest Reborn pet attack values?) but not to the point where you can’t compete without them.

TBH I would just hate if I had to trade in a unique pet for one that looks like everyone else’s pet for minmax.

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I was thinking they would all do the same damage.

This right here is my favorite of all. This would make progressing fishing actually worth it and would see many more people fishing. As it stands, not many people fish unless they do orders for people and or run a fellowship for pots. And its annoying to catch a ton of fish unless you have inordinate amounts of spare time.

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It could be a treat that you reroll like shards/gear

But I do like rare pets doing more damage or better stats. Give a reason to grind for a certain pet like it’s a Pokemon card.

Having pets do attacks (or at least dragons) shouldn’t be to hard because they used to attack as seen here


Yo I never knew about this! I know for a fact this video is pre highsteppe update in oldgame tho

I want my dragon to eat/help catch the critters. Mostly because it would be fun to watch them chase the critters. I wouldn’t even mind having to try to catch the creatures before my dragon (like if they were eating them).


That is a fun and original idea that I have not heard mentioned before

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