A small bard issue

Yesterday I started to look into Bard a bit more and ran into 2 small issues right away.

  • Notes are not always shown on top.
    I mean, when mobs start to draw closer, the notes sometimes get covered by things like HP bars, which makes it quite hard to actually hit them. Especially while playing solo. :confused:

  • Sometimes I can’t deactivate songs
    I’ve already read it can be a bit quirky to deactivate them (I usually tap them with both mallets to do so and it works fine for me), but I don’t mean that. Sometimes a song just is active but not active at the same time. I mean, its notes are still coming down, but the crescendo orb is not glowing/ shown as active. So I only can choose 2 other songs while that 3rd one is unusable for me.

Well, thats it for now. Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted to talk about this.

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For the second issue, you have to change classes. It’s happened several times for me and that’s the most reliable fix.

This isn’t an issue, per se, but it’d be nice if the Bard’s smart heals targeted based off of percent, not actual health number. I don’t like having to wait for the tank to drop to 15% HP for my heals to finally stop hitting the scoundrel and actually heal the once taking damage.

I’ve had more recurring issues with the bard more than any other class. I still enjoy the class however

  1. Notes being on when not activated. The notes can’t be used in this situation.

  2. Loadouts from other classes saving over the bard’s load out. Happens with Bard, Musky, Ranger, and shaman. Primarily the crescendos, orbs, arrows, and totems.

  3. A little finicky with the activation/deactivation of crescendos. Sometimes not being able to do so.


no they target off vit stat.

Oh yea, that loadout thing. So its not usual that you need to manually switch all skill orbs after chaning class?

No, the apply loadout should save All slots for each class separately from each other. It’s a known issue that loadouts bug out at times. But I’ve had more loadout issues with the ability slots.

Oh, I see. Well, I didn’t really play anything beside Bard and Musketeer yet xD
Well I hope they’ll adress these issues in some future patch :confused:

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It’s not a game breaking bug and more of a QOL annoyance. One thing I haven’t tried is going to the beginner weapons and replacing the abilities. See if that’ll fix the problem. (when I say fix, I mean temporarily)

I got all of my skills from the beginner weapons store.
Yea, sure I get that those are not game breaking and so not that important. The thing that annoys me the most is just the fact that the notes get obscured so often :stuck_out_tongue: