A small warrior issue

When a group of enemies are bunched up together, the sword hit box just stops working. This issue has gotten me killed on a good few occasions (heal on provoke and all that)

Warrior main here, when attacking groups the combos rarely work. Cleave especially has issues, I find that if a combo isn’t working you have to sheathe and unsheathe to “reset” it. It’s a very annoying thing but it seems to work.

I rarely have much issue provoking groups of enemies when they’re next to one another, but when they’re slightly behind each other almost no hits register properly.

The worst group I found is the group in the sewers dungeon to the right of the dragon race, that group for me is a nightmare to provoke on.
I have found other groups but nothing comes to mind right now.

Tried my hand at tanking with a Warrior in a dungeon and just had so many problems with mobs grouping and people pulling aggro. No matter what I did.

Are you a level 30 warrior? Against people with way higher levels you have barely a chance, also if it was a random queue group, level 30s often don’t play normally anyway, like, hitting mobs before you since it’s unlikely they die. Quite some mages can nuke mobs in normal dungeons, for example, before that happens, apart from bosses there is no tank needed - if the players are 30 and experienced enough.
To train tanking you should have a guild or fixed group where dmg dealers do not pull aggro on purpose (after leveling to 30, of course)

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I was level 14 tanking against level 30 veteran Runemages I believe. It felt bad. I feel like I can hold aggro better as a Paladin but was challenging myself. I’m going back to being Pentatonic the Bard :slight_smile:

They are just aggro bullying. Just ignore those cases.

In those cases, you could have just been like “You want aggro? Fine, tank all the mobs for me”

I do alot of random dungeons, it is like a sport for some pulling and nuking mobs… I actually don’t mind, I wanna get thru as quickly as possible also. Often enough I was in groups where lvl 3s joined who had no clue if they are dmg or tank or what not, people who had no armor yet for their class, who did not know they had a horn or turret and what to do with it (I mean… wtf… I never joined an mmo and jumped to group activity/dungeons in my first day of playing or so!!) etc.
That is way worse and I was in too low groups not finishing dungeons or bosses either, plenty of times.

Also I play Shaman often, with a +5 legendary weapon, runetiles and what not. I give it looots of time before I start hitting things and yet there is no possible way to not take aggro, in some groups, where tanks are lower and not used to tanking yet; except for not hitting anything at all. Same for some mages so they likely just gave up on that.

Really, random groups are all sh1ts and giggles anyway and not really fit for practice. They are good to get to know dungeons and learn what bosses all do, but the real game starts after, in shards, when groups and mobs are more balanced, in the first place, communication functions properly (or at all… I often tried to explain why we wipe yet noone could her me ingame :frowning: ) etc.

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