A theory about Grinder

So the first time I used the Grinder, after watching Mishka’s video, was on spice thieves as I was doing that quest. So when my first big chest dropped, it was full of spice because that’s the only loot available from the spice thieves.

So if this is the case, what if someone ONLY use the grinder on world bosses? Does it mean when the big chest drops, it will only come from the loot table of world bosses? Is this how it works?

Tried this. You get things from there drop table, that is a different table from what you get from the chests. same with trixter goblin.

That is to say, you get the loot you get from worldbosses, but not the loot you get in a chest when you kill a world boss

I wonder if it would work on the dlc mimics?

I have tested it on mimics, it does work on them but you need grinder on the 1st level to be able to do it

Does it drop the mimic gear?

The helm yes, the other stuff that you’ve seen in the transmog wardrobe hasn’t been released yet, it will be along side the overworld treasure maps, not a part of the DLC

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