A Tribute to the World as We Know It


I know we’ve only seen a tip of the iceberg with Reborn’s beta, but I wanted to create a separate thing to share what we love most about current-Orbus, what enchanted us, what our hopes and dreams are (before we knew Reborn was coming), and what we’re keeping our fingers crossed for. It dawned on me that since Highsteppe is the last bastion of humanity, it might be the only civilization… this is inspired by being in awe of New New Highsteppe, but feeling homesick after exploring outside its walls.

I have loved / I will dearly miss / I dream to see:

Lethal leg flurries (stag attacks)

Fleeing 5 redtails in a maze of sunflowers. Could there be a “corn maze” of sunflowers?

Being able to see ‘the world below’ before daring to venture down that was so natural with First Highsteppe and still possible in Middle Highsteppe. Maybe New New Highsteppe could have a neat lookout area or few?

Staring at the spooky structure across the lake and seeing how close one could get to Old Kingsport. Not being able to wait getting to explore a creepy castle.

The haunted apple grove on the outskirts of the neighboring town, and the pilgrim vengeful ghost that leads travelers right through them. Reading in the journal later a page that practically explains the Narrow Orchard ghosts!

Wondering what that garden is growing just outside The Twins and if we could ever participate with gardening

Coming across that game board in The Twins and hoping someday we could play. Loving the pieces! Will buy once it hits the real market.

Feeling safe within the walls of Wenderwood from all the wargs. Being very thankful we could panic-scramble over the fence.

Feeling special finding a certain hidden individual

Seeing the burning forest for the first time from the airship and panic telling my party via the compass that I could see hell

Seeing the impressive outline of University Isle, the fort, and Guild City

Getting lost in Guild City, but enjoying the band and hanging out with the guy feeding the birds while pretending to toss them bird seed.
Wondering if we could ever feed the animals, just toss out bird seed or something, and have creatures gather like at a park.

Boarding that ship that used to be at the Guild City dock and fishing from there

The marvelous creepiness and labyrinth of the archives

The different architecture of each zone that most notably became different with the jungle and its settlements (absolutely loving the significant differences between each zone with its colors, plants, animals, and structures)

Heart-stopping panic of felid pounces

The nightmares of Snake Battlefield, I mean Spider Island, I mean Death Peninsula…

How super cool the mega tall grass looked, with the deadly Twirly Whirl inside!
How very neat exploring that hidden building felt

Enjoying the feel of the desert and its towns and wildlife, the oasis, that mysterious light. THIS PLACE WITH THE DOORS AND THE VIEWS IS AMAZING. I stared at the sun filtering in through the sky light, so pretty :heart:

The fall colors of Lucian, that super cool ship, could we ever board it? Explore it? Someday will it take us to a new land? Will it take us to Parathime?
Exploring every reachable inch of the ruined house
Climbing to the summit just to gaze at the glory of the autumn deciduous forest

Traveling in a group to the winter wonderland. Do the buildings have seahorses carved into the wooden beams? Those look like seahorses. Wondering why the group stays on the hill. (Discovering later that Orbus Death Valley is a wintry place. DEATH VALLEY, I SAY!) Loving the evergreens and the sunset, wondering when these settlements will be fleshed out. Could we ever roast marshmallows? Throw snowballs?

Discovering the heaven that is Lamavora. That the kudzu of Orbus is called NIGHTMARE FLOWERS! :heart: Dreaming of having a Lamavora tree house. Wondering if those butterflies would ever land on an outstretched hand. Wondering if a type of player commerce would crop up at the balloon resort. Wondering about the feasibility of an arts and crafts station. Chilling up there on the bridge to watch the sky change colors. THE BLUE TAILS FROM THE TWINS’ GAME BOARD ARE REAL! XD

After exploring the world over, I love its layout and how everything fits together. I love the clear zone distinctions and how they’re connected so that there’s a number of ways to get around / through. I love the diverse plant life, mobs, and architecture.

To tie that in to general beta feedback, I hope the final version of zones are still very diverse/distinct. I heard that the swamp is the new jungle, and unless it’s far from its final form because the betas have mainly been to test new classes and ‘minigames’, I hope that’s just a rumor (that the swamp is just the new swamp, but not the new jungle). I only knew I was in Lamavora because I recognized the nightmare flower from the screenshot, but in current Orbus, I didn’t know Lamavora’s name before knowing this is an awe-inspiring new place I couldn’t wait to enter and explore. Ditto for the jungle or anywhere else.

I love seeing the dragon races mixed in with the terrain. That’s super cute.

Critter capture is cute (love the section in the house!) but can I be a Disney Princess? Could I sit and feed them? A whole swarm follow me a bit? Could one trust me enough to become a pet? Could they live in my house? (Still love the stuffed animals on the shelf)

I love hearing the little tree feet coming running. That’s the new fear :joy:

If Highsteppe is the last of humanity, maybe we’ll still see villages (ghost towns or inhabited by Warg People like that NPC. Are there others? Peaceful Tree People? …Redtail People? If there are Redtail People, I request their abode/culture be very sunflower-centric! They fought endlessly for those sunflowers despite our slaughtering of them for it!)

Just wanted to give current-Orbus a tribute about all the little things that endeared it to me, and while I know Reborn is going to be great, hope it still captures the wonderment of the original and more :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s nice I tried a thread like that before but it got buried somehow…I just recall a few changes I really really liked, recently.

  • Mounts! Farming and traveling through the world is so much more fun!
  • My Plunder Dragon, a great relief
  • 10x potion recipes, these recipes got me into potion making, actually, much more than before
  • Potion drops in dungeons; least a little incentive
  • Transmog! Very nice to discard gear and still, like, have the skin instead of hoarding it out of nostalgy and for the looks
  • Sunsets and sunrises, specially in Lamavora with all the flowers shadowed; very nice
  • My player house, I always loved coming back to it, specially to visit my dragons :slight_smile:

What I would love, if it had any rewards for lvl 20s, is also the dungeon queue. Queue up, port there, do a quick run, what a change compared to the half-an-hour-ask-and-search-search-search-until-group-is-full and wait-wait-wait-until everyone is finally there.
My hopes and dreams were exactly this, any way to form groups without major efforts like typing, asking and what all. My 2nd hope is more inventory weight, it is the #1 major problem which scares me away from the current game. I am not sure if it will be fully addressed in the current reborn yet. Despite low gear-weight I managed to have it half-full in no time, I was already pondering what to leave at the house etc. just like in the original. Still being unable to have all the cool potions I want on me and available, anytime, was quite a bummer.

The different architecture of each zone that most notably became different with the jungle and its settlements (absolutely loving the significant differences between each zone with its colors, plants, animals, and structures)

I absolutely, 100% second this. Traveling from jungle to frosted spit (where I physically felt colder) and back to desert was a marvelous experience which I hope is recreated in Reborn.

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the things I think I’m going to miss the most are
the art stile: at first I thought it was a bit odd considering the games I used to play tried for a more realistic quality but then I started to explore and the game looked like it was naturally like that, It had it’s own unique feel that not many games could replicate allowing you to just get lost in exploring and seeing the game as a proper VR environment.

the game its self: with orbusVR reborn replacing actual orbusvr I’m going to miss the way the game was, with fighting it out with monsters using brute force and dogging most AoEs to just sitting back putting a video on and fishing.

The menu: I mean lets face it the SAO menu was one of the best features of the game and is still entertaining to use.

the original hand models: the hands in this game work grate with vive they fit to the controller and feel a some-what normal size in comparison to the new micro-hand we have seen in the beta (the thing that disappoints me is that the hands are changed to allow emotes like thumbs up but you cant use that on vive in my experience with the beta)

the things I would like to see in the new game are

zone baced NPC: ones that will sell a unique gear and potions for that area and have daily quest for the area as well.

more world bosses: I would like to see each zone have its own special world boss like the jungle and the desert but more ease of access to the boss rooms.

minigames: I would love to see new minigames like wack-a-redtail, or the chess variant in the town near the orchard.

more customisation options: this would range from allowing cross class transmogs to new dyes or even more armour stiles.

a melee DPS class: like a one handed spear or daggers.

expanded matchmaking/LFG

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