A (very) late introduction

Hey all. My name’s Elijah, and I’ve been working as one of the artists on OrbusVR since around November.

I’ve been lurking here for quite a while and decided it was time to properly introduce myself! It’s been kind of amazing watching this community grow over the past few months, and I’d love to chat about art and aesthetics and all that fun stuff.

Feel free to hmu, I’m looking forward to being a more active and vocal part of this big old happy community.


Hey Elijah! Just wanted to say thanks for helping make the game so awesome!

What areas of the in-game art do you like working on most?

I love love love doing character and enemy design, which is a pretty decent chunk of what I spend my time on day to day. I also really dig the problem solving involved in working with a very deliberate set of visual limitations. We’ve had to come up with some really creative solutions, and it’s forced me to adjust my thinking quite a few times.

Hello Elijah! I am quite curious but did you do the new were rabbit design? In all honesty I love low poly but I had a hard time imagining how could something be “more beautiful” without breaking the style. If all enemies are going to be similar I might just faint from happiness. Thank you for your work with the game!

alas, that wasn’t me! That is a pretty great asset though, it defs sets the bar nice and high. I think the biggest difference between the old wererabbit and this one is that the new one just falls in line with the established style much better. I feel like the old one was leaning towards realism-ishness, whereas we’ve been moving towards a more stylized look over the past little while.

As for what i’ve worked on, I’ve got some enemies scattered around here and there, but the most noticeable things I’ve done so far are some of the bosses, a few environment assets here and there, the player gear, and most recently the NPCs.

Edit: Oh, and those goofy player faces are absolutely my doing, and definitely the thing I’m most proud of so far

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Hey Elijah! I was wondering when more of the dev team were going to make an introduction. I can’t wait to see what else you show us in the new areas, and just keep doing an amazing job :smile:.

Oh geez, thanks! That’s a vote of confidence if I ever heard one :D:D

Love the recent NPC improvements!

Side note: I’m sitting on a small mountain of artwork that I don’t think has really been seen by anyone outside the dev team. Me and Riley spoke about showing some of it off a few months ago on instagram and the like, but I just never got around to it. If that’s something that anyone is interested in, I’d be happy to post some stuff here.

I can share artwork for things that are already in-game, assuming it’s something I worked on, so requests are welcome!


Ya, I would love to see artwork Thursday’s again if anyone else remembers those.

I think I speak for a lot of the alpha community when I say that we would absolutely love to see anything you guys are willing to share. The time between playtests is painful for many of us, and all Orbus news is welcome. :slight_smile:

Awesoooome, I’ll start a little art thread sometime this week. This is gonna be fun


:open_mouth: Hi! Always awesome to meet the people behind the magic. You said you made the gear right? I love the jungle armor chest designs. They’re much slimmer/longer looking and make my egg head feel a little more to scale haha. Any plans on some more traditional style weapons and armor? I’m a big European medieval style fan and some silver plate would be amazing :stuck_out_tongue: I really like the world’s ‘vibe’ and appreciate everything you’ve done to make it such a cool place to live

Cool, looking forward to more creatures and other aesthetics. Are you going to be designing all of the pets too?

I can’t speak too much about things to come, but I can give a total pseudo-professional cop out answer: My design sense is all over the place, and I tend to draw from tons and tons of inspirations, so you never know what’s going to end up in-game.

As for the pets, I actually am not sure if that’s going to be me or not. Unlike Riley and Robert, who have amazing organizational skills and work ethic, I’m usually scrambled and all over the place, so I rarely know what I’ll be working on until I’m halfway finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that just means I have to remind you until it’s always a little voice in the back of your mind “siiilllver plate” haha. There’s so much potential and stuff to get done I look forward to the random Easter egg type models we’ll see. Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates lol

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Silver? Psh. Black plate, black robes, black leather, FTW.

(I wonder if an equipment dyeing system would be on the table long term…)

Oh yeah, black leather for sure. Don’t tell Riley, but here’s a sneak peek at some end-game armor I’ve been working on really hard:


Nice looking ranger armor💯

Hahahahaah, not quite what I was picturing, but I’m sure you’ll find an audience (coughsSmoochcoughs)

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