A zone with aberrations and shard affixes

So I was thinking about the idea of a new zone (maybe the new zone being this way) having aberrations from the old game as well as shard affixes. How it would work is it would rotate every week and have different affixes like mobile, alert, reincarnation, unstable, etc. For the aberrations they would be groups of non scaled (level 33, idk what level would be good) elites that would take a group of 3+ members with at least +3 or higher gear. The aberrations would drop stupid crap like eyeballs, tongues, common dyes, etc. They would also drop old game normal raid transmogs (the chance would be less than the overworld legendaries). Maybe even have a slimmer chance to drop the wilds weapons from old game. Any thoughts?

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I dont think the old game weapons. Maybe pets would be nice.

I don’t think the old raid gear should drop from aberrations, if anything they should bring back the old wilds gear transmogs for those that had them and then drop the different version of that gear for the non-preborn players like what they did for the mines with the shard gear


I just want those arcane robes. That’s it. That’s all lol

They have yet to even bring back the full wilds gear like the Wilds wand and sword

Ig that would work too
Just something from og

Actually the musky weapon transmog is already in the game, luckily my favorite, it got there due to a glitch likely, only every other class is left-out, so I second that… the wilds gear and armor styles were pretty cool.

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By gear, I meant armour, though the bow from the wilds did look awesome so having the weapons back too would be great

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The zone should have rare herbs too.

Maybe it could be like an altered version like they did with the spiro(?) stuff

very good idea and would be very fun to play in

Should be a wilds pvp zone

I feel like that’s just gonna turn this into preborn


It would be neat to have some kind of gating related to shards, and even raids, so there’s actually some goals to strive toward. Though it wasn’t 100% necessary I remember farming wilds equipment to prep for Tradu mines which felt good to progress through after leveling.

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Yup this was really great progression until everyone was shard geared and ended up carrying new players through shards to get them geared, but before all that, going to wilds to get gear before going to tradu mines was lots of fun

I want my wilds wand back.

As for the post I wonder how up scaled aberrations would be. If it acts like the old ones in terms of relative health and damage the top mages could just nuke their way through all of them ignoring mechanics. But if they are too overturned they could just be annoying to fight. Maybe making them have a similar health scaling to bosses on either level scale 30 or low shard so they don’t just die in roughly 3 seconds with the right group.

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Maybe scaled to gear if that’s a thing…?

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