Ability to Swap Between Classes

What if you could gain the ability to swap between classes by pressing one of the controller buttons? So for example, BOOM you press A, now you’ve switched from mage to warrior. I understand it would add a lot of advantages to a player so maybe have limitations such as only being able to swap between two classes, both classes have to be level 20, only works in dungeons or raids, a special ability you have to recharge that has a timer, etc… thoughts?

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You mean a button that swaps between gear presets? You can already swap to the other classes anytime you want.

A button that makes an insta-change… I can see the appeal, but feel that may tread a little too close to a desktop game (button mash does the thing) even with the prerequisites suggested and limit on possible usage. With the inventory swap out, to me it simulates the time to AH CRAP, LEMME PUT MY WAND IN MY POCKET AND UNSHEATH MY SWORD TO CONTINUE THIS FIGHT AAAHHH (caps used to capture the panic :wink: ) and I dunno about taking that “reality” out even at an advanced level. Just my two cents, though.


Yeah, being able to switch between presets would be a really great addition. Swapping out lures/arrows/orbs etc is pretty annoying.

gear presets would be a good QoL addition. swapping out healing orb sets for dps orb sets is annoying especially since its the same orbs every time.

maybe a cycle you can switch through because 2 wouldn’t be enough if you have a musketeer which you use as a healer in groups

Outside of combat?
Okay. That’s just a quality of life change. Many MMORPGs have gear presets or macro-ability to do fast gear and talent tree swaps.

During combat?
No please.
Might as well just ask if every class can have a heal, and a shield.

I won’t just leave it to snark, here’s my logic:
It would change the dynamic of end-game groups, raids, and Fellowships as they will then likely demand their groupmates have reached level 20 in, and naturally be good at, 2 classes to be able to swap in the middle of combat.
“Oh, you only have 1 class at level 20? Aw that’s cute. Sorry n00b, we only take dual classists who are super-pro at both.” Nobody wants to hear that, right?

And everyone would make one of their level 20 classes a musketeer so they could swap into healing for any encounter. Soloing as the other classes becomes easy-peasy then: why group with anyone when grinding if you can always drop a Life Well to stand in and then heal yourself any time too? And then all bosses and encounters will have to be designed under the assumption that everyone can instantly swap to be a healer and fill the entire floorspace with overlapping Life Wells. Or that everyone could swap to Warriors the instant a high damage attack comes to fully block it with a shield, so bosses are then designed with one-hit-kill mechanics, demanding that you must since you were already going to.
But wait! Then anyone could hot swap into a runemage, so now we’ll have bosses spawn so many adds that no amount of DPS could ever kill them all, so mid-combat switching everyone to Runemage and casting 5 polymorphs within 10 seconds per player in the raid is now mandatory. Good luck. :wink:

Nasty business, that design escalation would be.

(I’m exaggerating here, but only a little.)

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We definitely have no plans to add in swapping during combat. It would be super hard to balance the game if you could do that.

In fact I honestly haven’t decided if I’m going to add a system that makes it to where once you join a dungeon or Raid you can’t swap, either. Right now it’s not an issue since most people who are 20 are only 20 in one discipline, but I don’t really want it being to where you can have someone be a Runemage for 3 trash pulls and then swap to a Musketeer for another. There will be some pulls in a dungeon that are challenging for DPS-heavy setups and easier for 2-Healer setups, and vice versa. I think that should be the kind of decision you make before you go in, and then you have to take the good with the bad, otherwise it’s going to be really easy to just make all the pulls trivial since you can just swap around as needed. You can absolutely have for example a Warrior swapping shield types or a Musketeer changing their orb loadout based on the pull, but I think swapping entire classes is probably a bit much. I’m all for people who want to multi-class and play all the classes effectively, but you just have to pick the class you’re doing that ‘run’ as.

However, I do intend to add the “swap out all my gear since I changed my weapon” functionality so it is faster to switch between classes when outside of combat.


You should be able to switch while in a dungeon outside of combat, if the mage dies, someone needs to swap to mage to revive.

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I really like the concept of sticking to your class while in a group dungeon.

How about instead of punishing or restricting players in a dungeon you could incentivize them by giving extra loot (or something) for the whole party not changing while inside?

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glad dev team is rooted for original concept… make a convenience to swap between gear’s set is fine while out of combat, a big no while in combat.
for some high level end game dungeons those players couldn’t swap between classes even out of combat is a good challenge fun feature. makes all dungeon players do more care to their own character and others at the same time. stick to one class at a time should has been the core concept of all mmo.

but sigh… nowadays, ppl get used to all convenient features in all modern mmo, forget how to play and what’s the fun a mmo should be.

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