Accidentally leveling fishing class

One thing I noticed was when I completed a quest and received a 3500 xp reward for it, I had left my fishing pole slotted and the xp went towards the fishing class. This then leveled my fishing class into the level 4 with 50% of the bar left. Just wanted to make sure you guys are aware of this.

that would happen. it is a weapon, you had it equipped. it received the exp. it’s probably not ideal for you unless you really liked fishing.

you can do the same to level other weapon classes you don’t use but don’t want at lvl1. the obvious solution is don’t award quest exp and tune the task experience gains


Is this an issue? I personally don’t think its a bad idea as you could complete a quest using your main swap to side class and get XP for it to level it.

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Thanks for reporting @Broden_S! This has come up before and being able to turn in a quest reward as a lower level class is intended functionality.


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