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Hi Orbus Devs,

Looking for some help if possible.

Basically, me and my son share my PC for VR and, as such, we also share our respective steam libraries (we both have separate accounts). So, I bought Orbus on my steam account and my son was the first to launch it on his account. That being the case, I told him to make his own account on Orbus with his own email details and login. Didn’t work, as he didn’t have a linked copy of Orbus (can’t remember the exact error message).
Next, I created my own Orbus account and got him to log into the game with it, which worked fine.

Now, we can only log into the game if we use his steam account with my orbusvr account details - but the saved characters show up on his orbusvr account… So confused and not sure how to proceed.


Okay I cleared out the Steam link on this account (the one you are typing from) which I think should fix the problem if I understand it correctly. So basically just launch OrbusVR from your Steam account, and then login with your own OrbusVR details, and you should be good to go.

If your son wants to play it on their own OrbusVR account, they’ll need to have their own separate copy on Steam, then launch it and login with their OrbusVR account.

Let me know if that didn’t fix the problem. Thanks!

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Awesome, I will just kick him off of the game - will let you know now.

That has sorted it, cheers dude!

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