Achievement inquiry/idea

Wondering how we’ll be able to track our achievements, will there be a Journal chapter that can show our completed achievements? I know Steam also has an achievement section, not sure about the other launchers.

Potential rewards for unlocking/completing achievements could include items to decorate our player homes, and if there are Fellowship achievements, items to decorate the fellowship hall.

Not totally sure on that yet, honestly. A Journal page seems likely, though.

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Just please redesign the journal to have tabs or something so u can quickly switch between categories such as “recipes”, “fishes”, “spells”, “maps” and such. It’s really cluttered right now and it will only get more messy if you’ll just paste more pages into it

You probally just missed the post talking about this, but this is already in the works, just not as high priority as making sure bugs are fixed pre-EA, but will be a feature.


Oh, I probably did miss it. Sry. Good to hear :slight_smile:

No need to be sorry, and I didnt mean to come off as being short if I did, just doing lot of multi-tasking so replies are pretty short, no worries.

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I wonder what the current maximum number of journal pages is at this point, between all the fish, alchemy recipes, runesmithing recipes, flavor text, maps, tutorials, etc.

It’s like…50+ or something. haha.

wow, that is pretty awesome! are journal tabs going to be in before EA starts?

Just finished the Library and noticed that I’m getting Journal updated messages, but when I check my Journal, it doesn’t look like I’m getting anything new for some(not all) of the updates. I might be missing it, ie: I skip over the class/looting/etc pages.
Could there be a marker on a new page when it’s added, that vanishes after you view the page the first time? If there’s eventually 50+ pages then a page marker would be awesome.

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I ran into this quite a bit during the tutorial experience where I kept getting told that new journal pages were added, but it’s hard to know which ones were already there. This gets extra tricky at high levels when we have a ton of stuff unlocked and I’m paging through dozens and dozens of pages to try to figure out what was added.

Yeah there is actually only one book in there that updates your journal but you get the message from nearly every book you pick up. Also, musketeers can now heal them selves but the shots seem to impact a little below the floor…my life well shot is healing me there but you can’t see the healing circle.

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