Add a mentor system

Add a mentor system for the lvl 30’s that are trying to help new players get started, let me explain:
Everyday that I spend on orbus I see max levels helping new players, there is only one downside to this.
The new players will see how easy it is for the higher levels to kill the mobs and how little damage they do. What I suggest is: Make a system where the mentor in a party can set their level back to the one of the apprentice so your able to simulate how your journey went in orbus.


even if the one helping is set down to the same level, they’re still going to do a lot more damage due to being more experienced and more skilled at their class.

Yep. Knowing how to do rotations (whether static rotations or dynamic), how to aim, etc. will still cause an experienced player to do decent damage even at a relatively similar level to most newbies. Although if the newbie can keep up the pace, they probably don’t need the help in the first place, that means the newbies that are being helped are likely the newbies that are going to be doing much less damage.
I mean, certainly there is a difference between my musketeer one or two shotting enemies while lower levels need multiple hits, but that only reduces the gap, not eliminates it.

So I’m not sure exactly what this system would accomplish in terms of teaching newer players.

I main scoundrel and keep a level one gun in my inventory for that purpose. Just keep a low level weapon if possible.

I ment with this system that new players see that they can achieve the same result if they put in the work