Add a sound effect to when mana shield wears off

Exactly like title says I’d like a little noise or notification that could tell me when mana shield wears off so I know when to reapply it to me or my teammates. I could count out the 25ish seconds but that can get tedious after a while.


It’d be nice if it lasted longer than what seems like five seconds too…

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I don’t bother using it. Doesn’t last even a full fight. Sometimes it casts by accident and I aim it at a party member just for the hell of it.

Mana shield is an insanely useful spell. It’s super simple to cast and can help out teammates tank out a few more hits in a pinch. If you’re playing solo then there’s no point in using it, but if you’re playing in a team, I would definitely recommend adding it to your rotations.

I like it solo when i know i’m not going to kill something fast enough or just a backup in case i keep miscasting but i don’t really know what it does besides give me some armor. it would be nice to know how much armor it gave me

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