Add an "Ask me for Help!" Title


I have seen a lot of posts of folks getting discouraged and saying reborn is not particularly friendly to new players, and a lot of retorts saying “Just ask someone in game for help!”. Realistically though, we are all a bunch socially awkward nerds, so sometimes the thought of asking someone for help can be intimidating. Could we add an “Ask me for Help!” Title for veteran players that are willing to show new players the ropes? could maybe make that cost of entry for new players just a little easier.

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“Mentor” could be a nice title.

I was also thinking guild leaders should be able to take the “Recruiter” title, to let players know they’re looking for new members.

Edit: As a bonus, disable both roles if the user has voice chat off. Since, otherwise, you’d have people approaching mentors and recruiters only to be ignored.

Add callouts to both in the help section in the menu, with maybe an option to highlight those players, and you might have a seriously effective social feature.


I’m absolutely in favor of this! I’ve been sporting my “Beater” title, but having a “Mentor” title would be awesome as well… Though the question would definitely be how to decide who gets it.

  • Maybe all the people who are Level 3 or higher on Forum?
  • Or everyone at least level 30 on one class?
  • By hours played (100? 200? 250?) - probably don’t want to raise this too high since at some point it’s less a marker of knowing the game and more a marker of just having been in it for longer…

I love the Idea of being able to highlight these players who are offering up help. This would be a really good way to introduce players to the social aspects of Orbus as well. As a primarily social game, making it just a little easier to start talking to someone for help or otherwise would make a world of difference for those new to Orbus, or just VR in general (especially with Quest, Rift S, and Index coming out)

I think having the option to do this would not require much. By the time you are level 15 or so, you have a pretty good handle of where folks are in the city, and the mechanics of the quest systems and such. Perhaps Achievement based though? For example you would have had to talked to all the different types of quest givers and done at least 1 of their quests (dragon racing, Public events, critter capture, etc)

Honestly this might not be a title, but just a menu toggle that basically says “highlight me for players with this feature turned on”


Ohhh I very much like this idea!!!

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I think hours would be great, and would be a nice nod towards non-leveling participation in Orbus. However, I’d peg the required hours pretty low, personally. Maybe 20, max.


Oof. That’s super low. A lot of newbies are probably hitting that right about now and still probably don’t know much about the game

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Maybe a minimum level as well, to gate out people who haven’t engaged very fully in the game yet, but I’d still peg that at a modest 20, rather than 30.


or just talk to a level 30


I think that is a bad idea. My reasoning for this is that the people that are going to be “asking for help” are going to have little knowledge about the game when they are asking you questions. We may even have some level 20s with questions as well. I do think it would be safer to have the minimum requirements be level 30 on at least one class and at least 100 hours in game. This will almost insure that the player giving out the information knows what they are talking about to a certain extent, and that they have moderate knowledge on most parts of the game. This is a good middle ground because most of the “veteran players” have much more time invested into the game than 100 hours already, and even people that wouldn’t be considered a “veteran” would still be able to help out in the community.


It’s entirely probable I’m just not thinking it through. You make very fine points.