Add an Option to Hide Shaman Totems when Mask is inactive and Fix collision

So when I have the Totems in the default location, they block my orb grabbing, but moving them higher blocks my view of the menu. Moving them lower makes it so that if I’m kneeling or sitting, they are out of reach (below the ground).

Thus, it would be nice if the totems could be hidden when the mask is inactive. Though some players may prefer to still see them so it would be nice as an option.

Also, please fix collision with totems on the toolbar and in the world. Currently, if you toss a totem and it hits a totem on your belt, it collides. This means I’m often tossing totems out purely to get them out of the way (which makes the duration talent even less useful outside of the shield totem (though I assume that is what the talent is for)).

In addition, there is a glitch where you can stack totems on top of each other repeatedly (Sometimes the totems don’t stack, but once they do, anything above ground level is fairly solid). While it does make some sense to be able to stack them thematically, combined with the teleportation, this lets you do things like fight the lich king solo (the skeletons will aggro, but cannot hit if you are at a certain height range). Changing the collision should fix that exploit.

(There is another bug where the orbs don’t spawn regardless of how long you wait - you have to set down new totems. It can happen your first time dropping totems, which is why I believe it is a bug. Not sure if this is related to the collision issue or not.)

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This was a big thing in the past. While both sides have good arguments I’d like to see this implemented.

That is why I’m saying it should be an option that people can turn off or on by their own preferences.

This way:
People who don’t want to see them can turn it off.
People who want to see them can keep it on.

As an additional note, maybe for those that turn it off, there could be an extra option of:
Show tools while mask is active.

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