Add Deposit Ingredients button for Tinkering Chest QoL change

Can we get a “Deposit Ingredients” button for Tinkering Chest please? This is the only chest that doesn’t have one that could really do with one


Also would like a “deposit dyes” on the main storage chest.


I would like a deposit-button on every chest and every tab of every chest, actually…

And I would LOVE if it would behave like the one I know from another game which got even more stuff to farm and sort all the time - there is a quick-store-button which ONLY deposits stuff into all slots where there is already 1 same item in it.

So you could fill exactly the stacks which belong there with 1 click (like all your dyes on the tab even though the tab isn’t filled) and it does not randomly dump anything you wanna keep or put elsewhere. Storing on existing stacks like this is superquick, only if you wanna start a new stack or got items you never got before you need to put these there, manually.

Currently I only use deposit on tabs and chests where all slots are filled (like fishing), if at all, because it always deposits things I don’t want to in the empty spaces.

Or have an additional button to deposit on stacks already there, so we can store things both ways.

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