Add empower buff at graveyards in pvp


I just had a pretty bad experience in PvP where the other team did not want to leave their graveyard I am guessing because one team was significantly more powerful than the other leading to the other team giving up and just standing at their graveyard.

From the perspective of someone who is standing at their graveyard waiting for them to do something… Well… There is nothing else to do apart from ensure that you win and wait for them to either fight back or just continue sitting there doing nothing…

A good solution to this would be to add an empower buff which ONLY is active at the graveyard of the given team FOR ONLY that given team. The empower buff could double their damage giving them an escape route in situations where the other team has forced them back.


No thank you.


yes i hate when i do battlegrounds and people at the other team do that i would agree with j yes add a buff when leave the graveyard yard


just putting a building over it with multiple exits would help a bit too so it’s harder to spawn camp without fanning out and being vulnerable. Having any sort of map complexity in general would improve it, there’s really nowhere to go except center, or the far flag which happens to be almost ON the spawn.

Right now it really looks like pushing to a spawn camp is sort of a designed end state because there’s nothing really steering you toward anything else if you’re dominating.

If there were more players active I’d say spawn in a third team :stuck_out_tongue:


or make the Safety zone bigger