Add Jousting Mini Game



This might be a thought for waaaay down the road, but I wanted to get it posted before it gets away from me. I assume based on other posts that we are eventually going to get mounts. Once that happens, I see potential for adding a jousting mini game.

I don’t have a lot of specifics for how it would work, but I can imagine jousting in VR would be exciting. I could be a simple quest that you just get to experience once, or just something that is in town (or a special arena somewhere) any time you want to try it. It could also be PvP, possibly with periodic tournaments if the interest is there to support it.

I’d welcome any thoughts on a fun way to set this up! Thanks!

Basic Minigames (interesting but low priority)

Strippoker in Lakewood Inn? :wink:


I could see this working the following way:

Your mount is automated, going in a straight line. You have a jousting lance equipped and have to hit a very specific spot on your opponent at the right time to dismount him. The most precise hit wins the game.

Or maybe just a single player version with a mannequin:

I agree this might be a fun experience in VR, especially if it happens in the open world and people can spectate.


Yeah, it would be cool to have a dummy to practice on too. I’m on my way to Medieval Times this weekend, so I have jousting on the brain :slight_smile:


Just saw this, made me think of this thread. :smiley:


They did an awesome job on that KS video.


Given the games “time period” and environment. I thing Jousting would be a fantastic idea! Automated mount where aim is key sounds like the best option currently, IMO.


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