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1vs1 duel mode

Can we get a 1vs1 duel mode? How it could work: You go in the menu, select what kind of duel you’d like to have and select a player who’s near you in order to send him/her a duel request. Many other MMORPGs have it. There could be several different modes for duels e.g. 1 minute, until death and first to hit. In other MMORPS I absolutely love dueling with my friends when we wait on a player to come online or to show of how strong we became.
At the end of each duel, health of both participants should be restored to the amount of health they had before the duel, except in until death mode.
Also there could be a mode where both participants pay 10 dram (or more) and the winner gets the money.
This would fit in neatly with Reborn because it is similar to a mini game.


it’s a good idea and we have been asking for an expansion for the pvp settings but things like first hit would not work only things like health or time limit but even then a time limit could create some issues. but I agree that it would fit the mini game filled DLC

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I agree , It was an issue in the beta that I had to return to highstep to enable pvp when I Found someone I knew while at a public event and wanted to duel them. ‘Honor duels’ require all surrounding pvpers to honor your duel and more likely you get pop shotted in the back. I would enjoy a Duel Feature that allows you to fight and not loose your gear on death … just the dram entry fee.

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