Add to pvp please, here are some ideas

Please add some incentive to pvp, what I would like to see is new mounts and other transmogs that are only able to get them as a drop if you have pvp on. These new items could be added to grinder device where it can only be in the loot table if pvp is active. This would bring more people to grind with pvp on and people to hunt them, making pvp actually fun again.


There is a lot that could be done to pvp to make it more attractive, you could add to battle grounds (the capture the flag is very lame especially since people can just run from the fight on pally) the trickster goblin is pretty lame (since it is hide n seek) and there is no reason to risk anything in overworld pvp since you can just quickly put your loot away when something good is looted.


Yeah they really need to fix pally

It would be wonderful if we could have:

  1. A long term mission for battlegrounds (plz).
  2. PVP specific gear with stats that are specific to PVP (e.g. 4% defence against player attacks/4% crit damage when attacking players).
  3. PVP specific transmogs that drop - only - from player corpses.
  4. Additional battleground maps to compete on. It would be nice to have a chance to compete on different playing fields.
  5. Add in different PVP match modes. The golden egg affix has so much potential in a PVP match (e.g. the team needs to defend the player(s) who have the egg from the other team).

Would indeed be nice if both pally and warrior got an armor boost against players in battlegrounds.

I feel like the biggest thing they could do to incentivise overworld pvp is finding a way to make it less restrictive on where you can teleport.

I would totally run around with my pvp enabled just for fun but its super annoying having to find safe zones and teleport totems when I want to teleport.

I know it serves a purpose in stopping players from teleporting away from fights and I don’t really have any super elegant alternatives to it but thats whats personally stopping me from participating.

RIGHT??? whats the point of making it so hard to get around if they are going to have a class like pally where you can avoid any fight, do they even realize that 90% of people in pvp use the glitch that you can tele way further/faster then you are supposed to on pally? do they??? or do they not care i dont get it

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at least just give us some new pvp content and or fix the pally’s bs

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Honestly at this point its who has the better headset and whoever can throw their hammer faster. They need to just toss 1 pip pally teleport and make it so in pvp there’s actual fighting. Its basically just who can charge shot faster or who can send 20 fireballs at you. This is why I stopped getting trickster.

a one on one mode would be cool or being able to request duels in the open world that only enable pvp between two people and instead of dropping everything you have you wager your loot before the duel. im also not sure how trickster tokens work but if it was that you had to duel in a certain area and winners get a token for each kill and you could wager your tokens. which would make it feel fair even if classes aren’t balanced.

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What if PvP were enabled in the Edge of Nowhere? It’s a large area and there’s not usually a lot of people there, so two people could go there just to duel.

And make it a generally accepted understanding that if you’re in Edge of Nowhere with PvP on, you’re in an active duel with someone and for others not to interfere.


I love this idea sooo much, but there are always people that will attack you even if you make it clear you are dueling. I suggest that the devs either make it an actual rule not to attack while ppl are dueling, or make a system that lets you challenge ppl to a duel and you can only attack that person while you are in the duel, and no one else can attack you.

Yes, but I think since there aren’t usually that many people in Edge of Nowhere anyways, this won’t be as big of a problem as in the overworld.

It wont be AS big a problem, not now, but if the devs announce it as a pvp zone, pvpers may go there and wait for people to come so they can kill them.

this is what happens when I try to have hope in people :frowning2:

thats life for you

I think they should just make a duel system. Personally, I would ignore the rule and kill whoever survives or for the hell of it, both of them.

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I mean people don’t currently wait hiding outside of the highstepe safe zone to ambush people.

Orbus is a game that forces you to value your reputation for the most part and for most people the random items people can’t be bothered to put away aren’t going to be worth being pegged as “that” kind of person.

Anyone waiting in the edge of nowhere is going to have a hell of a time waiting and doing nothing for like 2 hours so they can pick up like 1 free kill

idk about you but i wait outside highsteppe during trickster transactions

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