Adding a bounty system to the game

So yesterday, Werehound, MGC and I had the idea of a bounty system. And i think that would be a really cool addition to the game. But of course there must be some changes in the game that people dont abuse the feature. For example you cant get the dram reward if youre in the same guild and theres a cooldown for inviting and removing people in a guild. Or people that are friends cant get the dram because otherwise people would tell eachother: ,Hey, i have bounty lets meet out of highsteppe and you can have the dram". But i think this feature needs a lot of time to get “abuse proof”.
And maybe a Bounty Leaderboard would be funny. xD

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    Reward: 20k dram.


But another problem would be that people can turn off pvp but maybe if you have bounty you can turn off pvp but you can still get killed you just dont loose your items.

Okay that was all. ^^

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What if having a higher bounty with PvP on gives you some benefit. Having that benefit encourages you to not lose that bounty :sweat_smile:

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In order for this to work well, people would actually have to have a reason to get dram. The auction house is pretty much the only use as of current, simply because the gear from everywhere else is a 1-time-buy thing for like 100 dram.

I mean ye theres not something you necessarily need to buy but im actually running low on dram because i buy the funiture upgrades, dyes, materials like ores, potions etc. I dont actually think that dram is that useless.

I think dram is useless for some ppl and not for others.

People who play a f ton will not find dram useful because they collect too much themselves. And the stuff they need they more often then not have plenty access of from playing that much. (Like potions).

Then you have the group of ppl who don’t want to waste their dram to buy stuff they feel like they can collect/make themselves.

Then you have people who buy stuff they need almost immediately, which is where most buy economy is now.

Last group are ppl who don’t play enough to have enough dram to even care about buying stuff.

Still hoping on a good dram sink in near future :grimacing:


It would work better for those who wish to pvp. Once you kill a fellow pvper, you’d be bountied. The more you kill, the higher the bounty. Then you must return to highstep to remove the bounty or you lose the rewards for your kills.

This would only be available In a certain area (Wilds maybe)

Similarly to the goblin, you can not turn pvp off untill you enter through the gates.

~ To keep the train rolling

Yea well, keep the pve community outta this… including “cooldowns” for guilds which would make recruitment and kicking a fuzz. I have no interest in pvp (other than for that stupid rep in bgs which are not ever popping in my playtime) nor do I wanna be bothered with it in the overworld.

For everyone who got it on, go ahead, but afais it’s pretty much like in the OG, the community is so small that there’s rarely encounters.

I also don’t know how to make it cheat-proof since everyone can have a guild- and friend-less alt and collect the dram from friends who hold still, for free. If I would be wanted I’d make it a sport standing at a spot not moving, publishing the time and let everyone hit me, just the costs for repairs I would want XD

No seriously, I think an overworld duel-system or such would be much nicer, with not that great rewards, just for fun and practice, but unlike bgs these were at least all the time available.