Adding a mute mic button into the game instead of having to go to settings & Adding a text box when you tilt the compass to let you know if you've changed from guild to party chat iinstead of having only colors

I bought the game yesterday and I have to say i’ve been quite enjoying it specially when you group up and interact with people. The only issue I have is that being a student living with other people in the house sometimes you have to be interrupted and you may not want to let people hear that conversation either because it’s private or you just don’t want to bother them (lets be real sometimes noise coming from friends or family isn’t very pleasant for your party members and in this game literally everyone around you can hear you).
Yes I know that you can get headset with a microphone that has a built in button to mute it but that involves you having to drop one of your remotes to reach into the button and there’s always the case of people like me using the Vive’s incorporated microphone.
My suggestion would be to add a button to the ingame UI to make it easier and faster for the player to mute himself ingame. My first thought was adding it sticking next to the weapon UI (as a marksman myself adding it below the health bar for example), to the main menu (right before the X that closes it) or even add the option to map a button to it (for example there are two options to open the menu in the HTC Vive, one is to swipe down while pointing wich I love and use all the time and the other is to press the menu buttons. I would rather remap at least one of those menu buttons to “mute mic” and have the other one to open the menu or even to do another thing such as going straight into the bag instead of the main menu).

Of course this is just an idea and could be worked on and made better but I hope that it does get into the game since it would help a lot!

PS: I’m still new to the game but one of the things that I noticed is that when in group you can talk to your party and guild using the compass but only specifying the colors at the tutorial doesn’t really let you know sometimes if youre talking in guild chat or party chat so I would also suggest adding a little text box every time you tilt the compass and change chats like “Party” and “Guild”


Yeah, my roommates can get pretty rowdy. It would be a nice QoL improvement.

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Yea im sure a lot of people would like it and use it. I have heard a few angry wives / girlfriends voices come thru and im sure the player would have rather muted themselves than put on a show for everyone


Yeah and that’s even worse when you’re either playing with your friends that speak your language or 100x worse when you’re in a country where english is the main languange since the entire server can hear that :stuck_out_tongue:

This option is needed, it can get hard/confusing when talking on Discord, and in game to other people. We also need a volume slider to decrease or increase other players voice/mic.


You do have one but its on the options

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