Adding a vibrate to let you know you've grabbed your equipment

So basically, I was thinking about this just for the ranger but someone suggested this just on Discord for any equipment.

When you pick a special arrow with the ranger to add little buzz/vibrate or such to the controller to let you know you’ve got the arrow without having to check to make sure it’s in your hand. It’s a small quality of life thing and it’d help alot especially when i’m sat down and trying to put my hand through the floor etc. It can be the same buzz you get while petting your dragon or a smaller one.

Just an idea.


I like this idea, as a ranger myself since Alpha I can’t count the times I had the wrong timing and took the arrows second before and didn’t realise :sweat_smile:

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I’d kill for a cooldown icon :sob:

I know I’m dreaming but unique sounds on arrow respawn would be the icing on the cake

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