Adding Lore Journals to the Player House Library


I think it would be a cool feature that you could see all the journals you have found in your player home library. There is not a use for the library currently but this would give it more use and add a easier way to sit down and really go over the stories and lore you have encountered to draw the stories closer together. For instance, when I read the journal found in Lamavora Battlefield about the fisherman near the crystal cave it would be nice to have that add the journal to my library so I can read it in there vs traveling all the way back out there to read it again. I know there are more pressing matters to attend to but this would be a cool feature for the future I think. :slight_smile:


This has been proposed by one of the devs and is currently on the “want but may never happen” list. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah okay thanks didn’t see that post :slight_smile: