Additional armour affix - Luck

Could we have a new affix added to the pool of armour affixes, +1% Luck it would be nice to go with our +XP gain sets so we can have a set that is both EXP and Luck for farming in, I’d spend a lot of glimmerings to get my exp gear sets re-rolled to this and I’m sure others would like it too


However with every new affix there’s more tries (currently up to 1.5 stacks glimmerings for a certain combo) needed to succeed… and people would likely get that on all their gear, dropping dmg stats, just to get better drops.

I’d rather like to see a higher luck stat on rings, on ALL of them like every world boss ring, already, so the choice between “contribute to my group” or “get whatever tiny advantage on drops” along with all the switching back and forth is finally obsolete.

Since we got the luck perk which is so much higher, the amount on rings looks like stemming from a different time…

And I’d like to see an ability to age luck potions, for the same reason.

Aged luck pots would be a great idea

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