Additional Character slots for Reborn and merchandise ideas


I know this has been brought up a few times in the past and I don’t really remember seeing an answer to it from the Devs, would it be possible to let us buy additional character slots from the in-game store, something like how we will be able to buy character re-customisation?


we currently get 4 slots available


That was for the beta so we could test stuff


Buuut that is a long time ago. View might be different now.


Yes we are working on this, I’m not sure if it will be in right at launch, but we hear you and it’s coming.


…what about merchandise?


We did this for the original launch, I could update it with the new logo or we could do some with the concept art for the new classes?


I think it would be good to get a permanent thing going, not just periodic tees. Y’all have some fantastic designs already, between capes and landscapes, critters, and ‘comic strips’. You could probably get posters, shirts, mugs and such and just do limited sales, maybe with repeat openings for old items? I know several people who would pay $$$ to get plushies of the obinobi goobers, amongst other items. Poll the community, roll out some item, and then repeat?

I obviously don’t know how feasible that is for you, but I think most users would probably want to buy at least some merchandise, if they haven’t already. (I would have earlier, but I missed out on the first t-shirt/mug run).


I agree with the plushie thing. Please give me another way I can give you more money, goobers for sure. Also wargs, vulpes, bosses (including the originals, I think boss 5 from waystation crypt would be super hugable) would make great plushies.


you should make sweater with the logo on it


Plushies are surprisingly expensive to get made (lots of setup cost and you have to buy like 5,000 at a time to make it worth it). But the Teespring store does actually offer those items for sale all the time, they don’t just do limited runs anymore (although I know that’s what they’re known for); but I do need to get the designs updated so I will work on that.


Too bad on the plushies. :frowning: Maybe once Orbus gets way bigger?

Limiting to things that only really involve printing onto objects, there’s still posters, stickers, sweaters (suggested by Vasilia), and other things that probably involve much less of an upfront.


orbus jackets would be nice


Cellphone case would be pretty dope too


Cellphone cases might be hard, since they’re different for each model


now my coffee is going to taste extra good in the morning with my new mug :wink:


soo I think we need to change the title of this post


… mouse pads?

I think posters would be the coolest if plushies aren’t an option


Merchandise ideas, whatever they end up on! Tshirts, hoodies, jackets, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, posters, blankets, pillow cases, whatever applicable :smile:

-normal Orbus logo (option to have with Reborn part or without, but also just the hexagon cube thing)

-the sunflower emblem that was around Highsteppe!

-all the Orbus flowers! some sort of design or bouquet or ‘garden’ with absolutely all of them

-scenes! an artist rendition of redtails amongst the sunflowers, farm in sight on the side or in the distance, the preacher in town talking to that crowd, the pilgrim punching a warg in the face along that path, The Twins game board (version with and without the players or surrounding town/scenery, like the person playing the clarinet), the band in Guild City, the seahorse building structures in Frosted Spit, fishing hut in background with a nice view of the meadow and lake, rolling flower fields of Lamavora, jungle with all those mobs, spooky view of the haunting of Narrow Orchard (apple grove a must!), a pack of those ghosts chasing one of each class through town, shots of various graveyards, inside Tinny’s cave (Tinny, her frog dog Tilly, the cauldron, those things on the shelves, maybe even that other door visibile), goober lizards, chickens, a sheep, a goat, other mobs, random scenic wilderness and other things I haven’t thought to mention… screenshot ideas incoming! (… I think I hit the picture limit on this post! There’s more!)

-stuff class specific, whether all 8 classes portrayed on one, original 4 or only new 4, each individual as its own thing, or cloth armor classes together, leather together, and plate, DPS vs healing vs tank,

-comical scenes. I can hardly wait for a “camera point of view” to be over the water facing the shore capturing someone calmly/happily fishing while there is mayhem and chaos of battle in the background! Lucian, Desert, and Lamavora versions!

-a stylized map of the entire world of original Orbus, individally nice views of each town/area

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