Adjusting the cauldron's heat



Would it be possible to add a way to adjust the cauldron’s heat ? The idea being to change the speed of how fast the colors are changing to make potion making more entertaining for those who make a lot of potion.

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No worries! I have lots of Ithicac for you in my stall! ~Pick


I couldn’t agree more, I was thinking a color coded temperature dial on the front of it that could be twisted to each color. Would definitely make alchemy faster and more enjoyable.


For example ^


Ok I have to say yes great Idea!


Yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind ! Thanks


I had thought about exactly the same thing recently. yes great idea.


Just wanted to add my bit for exposure, that I think this would add a nice touch to brewing.


Yeah I’d love a selector like that


I’ve made a total of 1 potion in OrbusVR. I would like to see this implemented for my second potion. :slight_smile:


I would like this as well! I hate waiting on color changes, I’m a bit impatient at times, lol.


Seems like there is quite a bit of support for this feature. Can we get any insight from a dev to see if this could be possible? Also, another pro to being able to change the temperature is that it would make alchemy even more engaging and immersive than it currently is, which is exactly what they were going for in designing the alchemy.


I agree with you Blazen, I’d like to see what the devs think about it.


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