Adjustment for seated player

there need to be an adjustment for the seated players. I keep hitting my floor swing the pickaxe. please fix this fast I don’t wish to break my touch… btw the controls is still sticking in thumbstick movement. and also add the option to turn off teleporting all together I hit it at the wrong time a lot.

While playing, I’ve seen characters sunk into the ground with their head and hands contorted at weird angles and not moving which usually means they’ve put their headset and controllers on a desk and gone “AFK” (AFHMD?).

Assuming your height is set up correctly in SteamVR/Oculus Home wouldn’t sitting in a chair automatically lower your height above the virtual floor accordingly?

probably he adjusted his height for sitting gameplay. Couldn’t think about solution which wouldn’t be abused or making character looks like ape in the game.

The whole VR-concept is for playing while you stand. It´s not supposed to be used while sitting or at least such games as Orbus aren´t. You can sit while playing something like luckys tale or some other games but not shooters or so.

i’m playing orbusVR on seat from day 1… i don’t know why did you would hit on the floor while harvesting, its fine to me. (i supposed you sat on a common swivel chair) its not easy to hit the ground from a usual seated height, unless sitting on the ground.

teleportation is part of integrated in-game combat feature, so couldn’t be 100% turned off.

its weird you would hit button A / X while moving thumbsticks, you got to hold yr thumbs steadily.

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I prefer standing when playing for couple hours. but after spending whole day working standing, play for for another 5-6 hours better in chair :wink:
edit: I haven’t change my standard height as I often play standing, and I don’t have any problems as mage or musketeer, not hitting floor at all. Also I don’t like sitting as ranger and definitely not as warrior.

My main class is ranger and you can´t sit because the ability arrows are to low for that and you would always hit your balls when you want to grab them.
When I need to travel across the whole map (I don´t teleport because I don´t know most of the runes for that) I sit down too. But most of the time I´m standing

it’s not that it has me too low to the ground it’s that if you going to have us lean over to swing the pickaxe adjust of the seated player so they don’t have to lean over that far cause in real life we r close to the floor. I have hit my touch twice getting mushrooms. they have to adjust the head travel distant for seated players

I am in a xrocker gaming chair (not the one that sits on the floor) and i’m 6’3" so I have long hands. so yea I have hit my floor twice… as for the teleport part I don’t use it ever. was it messes me up I get a feeling of being lost everytime I teleport I hate it. it normally happens when i’m grabbing the orbs for my gun while moving. the feeling it gives me can be madding if it happens enough times in a row

Please don’t make it so seated players appear as standing. I want to know when I’m playing with people who are sitting vs standing.

You shouldn’t have any trouble grabbing your pick while seated. Only time it’s an issue is if you’re literally sitting on the floor in which case, be more careful :slight_smile:

I do support the idea of turning off teleportation altogether. I hit it in combat sometimes accidentally. Though I just need to learn to be more careful. In the game world you get stuck all the time where you can ONLY move via teleportation. Like when exiting a house, harvesting something you’re standing close to, or even killing a mob you’re too close to. So you’d want those things fixed before giving the ability to disable teleport.

my chair is low to the ground and i’m 6’3" I can touch the ground without leaning over. y do u need to know who is seated while playing them doing so doesn’t affect your gameplay but the things i’m asking for greatly affect mine. they can add a seated options which puts the player at their height and half the head distant travel for those moments when a seated player has to duck and crouch also bend over to use the pickaxe.

I understand most of you guys love standing or roomscale to play but not everyone does. none of what I suggest will do anything to hurt your enjoyment but will go a long way for those of us who want to play seated.

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I want to know if people in my group are sitting. Because it does affect my game play - if they’re sitting down while we’re wiping on some boss because they can’t turn around fast enough or dodge an AOE properly. Just something I’d want to know. Some classes just can’t achieve much potential being seated. Ranger comes to mind.

I’m not advocating for seated playing to make you hit your floor. I just don’t want the fix to your “can’t use my pick” issue to be making you appear standing in-game.

I already appear as if i’m standing in the game. and using my controls I can turn around just fine. but I do wish they wouldn’t slow down my speed in combat it’s annoying

I do have a hard time reaching my turret while sitting down.

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really? i have the opposite problem. i’m constantly trying to fire my turret and compass from the musket.

What about people in wheelchairs etc?
It would really suck to be forced out of dungeons / bosses by people because you’re not able to stand…

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I’m 5’4" and play while sitting on my chair. To be able to harvest I have have to raise my whole arm a bit and lower just my arm which is not too hard. Other than that, I can do everything else easily. I play Musketeer so this might just be easier to this class (and runemage.)

when I first start playing in vr I made a vid for my youtube page where I went on a rant about not being able to push a button while seated and a trick I didn’t to raise the button so my couch (which I have since replace with a swirl chair). in the comment to that vid a guy in a wheelchair was thanking me cause he couldn’t play the game for the same reason. I have since then made it my mission to find best practice for seated vr gaming in order to benefit those of us who don’t wish to stand to game and those who can’t. I want everyone to enjoy vr not just the ones who play the way I like to play which a lot of vr gamers seem to want. I get rip everytime I make suggestions on things I have found to make playing a vr game seated a better experience. I want to thank the devs of OrbusVr for they added a few of mine suggestion back in the beta of the game even as a a lot of the players in the beta so ripping me over the things I was asking for.

Hate to break it to you but with teleporting and the speed of the thumbstick turning there is literally no advantage to moving in real life to avoid AoE. If you are doing so with your body you are likely the one slowing the group down.

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Uhh, I’m not saying you should dodge AoE in real life. That wouldn’t work at all.