Advanced scoundrel tutorial video

Hey, I thought I make an advanced scoundrel tutorial. You can see in the mind of this random Scott guy and see how he is playing scoundrel and see if you can learn from this guy. And maybe become an excellent scoundrel :slight_smile: Or disagree with what he does. xD


Good video, didn’t even know you could store cards on the belt lol.

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Added link to your video on my VERY OLD and VERY BASIC Scoundrel guide. Hopefully people go immediately to yours lol

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I’m overly happy this is out tyvm - and very much lookin forward to see how many can reproduce the ‘shoot before animation pops…’ I know this stuff since long time not really succeeding with either rotation nor curve thrust nor timing but yea now the contest to reach Scott’s numbers is ON :wink:

So I don’t think this was in the video
When should I use my super?

True, that was missing. So added this small vid for that :sweat_smile:

Scott, can you also make one about how you do paladin? :thinking:

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