Aeon's Big Book Of Bad


I stream for 4-6 hours a day at least 5 days a week. I try to play with all kinds of people from all different fellowships, both new players and old, experienced and inexperienced. I play with both European users and North American users due to the times that I play at, and even when I play outside those times, I find the same results. This is going to all come across as very negative, but I want to be clear: I LOVE THIS GAME. I just want to see it be better. I will be adding in Edits at the bottom as I remember more things, because this is pretty long already.

-Poison is overpowered. As a tank, two things kill me: when I mess up and don’t get out of the way of/block a tank buster hit, and poison. Sure, you can have mage decursing and musk healing, but then you now have 3 people focused, effectively, on keeping aggro. Scale it back, or make magic armor make a noticeable difference in the fight, because right now I see zero difference at end game between the two. If there is a difference (which I’ve heard people talk about physical/magical defense from both sides, so there isn’t anything conclusive), it’s not enough for me to care. Just like the luck rings….

-The luck rings are not useful enough, and there should be more gear with luck stats on it. I feel like the amount they increase my luck is so insubstantial that I don’t care to sacrifice on damage and survivability to gain a miniscule chance of getting better drops. I have gotten just as good of drops farming without them as with (yeah, I know, RNG, but come on)

-The voip issues which caused people to go to discord in the first place have created fragmentation in the community. Now you have some people using in-game, some people using discord (though any serious players are basically required to use discord), and people in different discords, and I am constantly having my immersion broken by needing to open up discord, scroll through 4-6 different discord channels and subchannels within each just to see what’s going on….and meanwhile the lfg on the main orbus unofficial discord is mostly lifeless.

-Due to the fragmentation, the in-game LFG is mostly useless for end-game. Guilds play with their own guilds mostly, and those who don’t float between the various guilds discords trying to find groups. I constantly find myself having my immersion broken because I need to switch discord channels or browse the various discord communities looking for people to play with.

-PVP is dead. I sit the in the pvp que all day every day and rarely ever get pulled in. PVP in the wilds is non-existent, it’s just a few people who kill only to steal loot. Give me a real benefit to PVP! There is zero benefit to partaking in either style of pvp, unless your goal is to steal loot and then sell it from a stall, and even then….

-Dram is mostly meaningless. It matters to have some, so you can buy a few odds and ends, maybe some dyes, a few potions, or ingredients for potions, etc, but for the most part once you hit a certain point, the only goal with dram is to have enough that you can buy a stall every month…so you can get more dram and buy another stall. It’s a vicious cycle.

-It takes far too long to level. On my first character it wasn’t too bad because I was doing quests, learning the game, etc. After that, it’s just grinding. Why can’t I get XP for making potions? For artificing? For buying and selling? For discovering things? For exploration? For reading lore? Harvesting materials? Hell, when I make the choice to walk instead of teleport, why am I not rewarded? It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of xp (not like kills give a ton of xp), just something to give me incentive to do things. Further on XP….

-We need daily quests. They can be simple kill-quests, or harvest material quests, or whatever, just give me something that every day will get me onto my alts and doing even a 5-10 minute quest with them.

-I am on most days. Even with that, sometimes my potions get over-aged. Give me a little bit of grace period with them! If it takes 8 days to age a potion, give me 4 to collect it before it spoils. Yes, I know, shame on me for not logging on every single day at the same time to check if they are ready, but come on.

-I am still seeing bugs that have been there since my first day playing in December despite them being reported. My in-game chat system, for example, still sits popped out from the rest of the windows, and while useable, it’s annoying and sometimes causes me to press delete instead of invite. I still have issues with adding friends sometimes in that if we don’t mutually add each other, they won’t show up in my list (sometimes it happens, sometimes not). So on. I understand it’s a small team, and you have a content roadmap to stick to, but these little things need to be dealt with.

-Artificing is currently used to add additional damage to attacks. What you end up with is people using the same combos and stacking the tilesets in opposing ways so they can get double the damage bonus off of what is effectively the same thing. Runes are a language. The runes you have chosen to use in the game are real, legit runes. You can give them a new meaning, but that meaning must be consistent across classes. If I’m wearing pants instead of shorts, does saying hello mean something different? (well, maybe if you’re really into ankles, I guess so, but that’s besides the point lol). So why does the frostbolt F rune mean one thing to me and another to a mage? Ideally, this system should not be used to add damage solely, but to give the end user flexibility in how they approach combat. As a warrior, I should be able to use those runes to give my attacks a chance at triggering frost damage, or poison. I should be able to say “if I combine the runes for cleave and provoke, it will give my weapon a chance at triggering an aoe provoke”. Giving players the flexibility to find out what works best is exactly what the Affix system does, it’s just more customizable based on the needs/wants of that player. Extra damage is nice, but it’s only one part, and as a tank, I don’t care about extra damage, I just want to be able to hold aggro and not die, and currently the artificing system does not help with that.


-Fellowships are pointless and do nothing but fragment the community. On average this game has around 70-100 people online. At peak hours, maybe 150-200. Of those, end-game players make up maybe half of that? All of those end-game players hop in their separate discords with their separate guilds and (usually) run with the same groups of people only. Now, I don’t mean to sleight those of you who do that, it’s fine, and I get the appeal of having a solid, reliable group of people that you get along with and can have a good time playing with. I get it. But in a game with a playerbase this size, all it does is fragment people into 5-10 person cliques. Guilds work in most MMORPGS because of the large enough playerbases to support them, but in this game, it currently doesn’t have a place.

I’ve heard of, and came up with, a few proposed ways to make fellowships have some purpose.

Such as chests in the fellowship hall that are accessible by fellowship members. If you put in shareable chests in the fellowship hall (so you can share loot with other fellowship members), you need to give incentive to players to want to give up their own hard-earned materials for other people. If I don’t have incentive, I’m going to use/sell them myself…I don’t want to farm for everyone else for no reason. On top that, fellowships will become even more exclusive, because people won’t want to share with people they don’t know.

Lets say you could share Shard Dungeon shards and Fragments with your fellowship-mates (something that many fellowships would currently like, to an extent). But that’s like the latest end-game content, and as soon as you allow that, you are cutting down on how much of the new content people are even going to bother with. Why do a tier 1 when you can jump right to an easy tier 3? Or higher? The entire idea of sharing things as a fellowship just doesn’t work unless you have so many controls on it to make it borderline pointless to even bother. With how small the playerbase is, it’s just as easy to just group up and use them (or, if it was implemented, trade them).

Due to the rule that one guild can only have one stall per city, why not change it so each guild of at least X amount of active members is gifted a market stall, of which any member can sell things in. You would end up with so many of everything for sale…how would anyone putting stuff in there get paid? Part-per-share system? On top of that, it would be a nightmare to set prices. And who could set them? At the end of the day, the market is going to balance itself out and most every stall will have most everything, in which case you might as well do fixed pricing….in which case you might as well not even bother with stalls.

How about fellowships getting points from things their members are doing? If a player harvests, crafts, kills, buys, sells, joins parties, completes quests, etc, all those things give points, which add to the total of points that a guild has (we already have the guild xp system, for example, it just doesn’t mean anything). So give that guild a reason to do it, maybe make it so that the active players are what make a difference, not just the total. For example, a weekly reset on fellowship xp/points. Then, each week, award a “boon” (maybe a damage boost, or xp boost or dram boost or something). The problem is, once you do that, there is no benefit to being in a less populated guild. All the hardcore players are going to be in the same guilds because it’s going to offer them the biggest advantage (depending on the boon, of course, because as I mentioned, dram is pointless).

Following up on the xp/points system is an idea I had that stems from Elder Scrolls Online, and ties mainly into the PVP. If you were to take the core concept of how that pvp works (each faction starts in one zone and works towards the middle, capturing points along the way that give them benefits which help them capture more points, get more gear, etc), and apply it to Orbus, you would end up with something like each of the three wilds zones having multiple points they need to capture AND defend. This leads to some interesting gameplay like night raids, different time zones using that to their benefit, etc. Given how big the three wilds zones are, and how small the player base currently is, that could be a real ton of fun.
The problem arises once the playerbase is large enough. Using a few current guilds as an example, you’re going to end up with Alphabet controlling one area, Nova controlling another and Nox in another (just an example, it could be any guilds). The issue with this is that there are unique resources in each area, meaning whichever guild controls those wilds, they are going to control the market on certain resources and as a result, certain products made from those resources. So you’ll either have overpriced resources, or you’ll have an effective “mandatory” trading system of those resources, or, you’ll end up with something like The Community going in with their no-kill policies and doing harvesting for everyone…but if there is something to gain, why would you let anyone take “your” fellowships resources? It’s either, at best, balanced and effectively pointless, or at worst, a strong deterrent from anyone doing anything in the wilds if they’re not in one of the three major guilds (discouraging new players from even bothering). If the playerbase was high enough, this would be alright, because you’re going to get enough people competing that the tides can shift quite rapidly, but you’re bound to run into the same problem that ESO ran into, which is that nobody wants to play on the losing team. So if you’re serious about pvp, you join the strongest pvp Fellowship, and you steamroll everyone else. Certain design choices and balance choices can mitigate that, but you still need a reason to want to do it, some kind of unique gear or perk that you can only get from doing pvp…but it can’t be something you NEED to do, because not everyone likes pvp. Again, that comes back to fragmentation.

I decided I’ve been putting off writing out my gripes for far too long, so that’s what this thread is about. I mean no disrespect to the developers, you are all working hard, and I don’t mean to trash anything you’ve done, I’m just commenting on places I could see improvement. Thank you, all of you, for everything you have done to get the game to this point :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Warrior hit detection still has a lot of issues. I am constantly focusing on moving forward or backwards slightly to find the “sweet spot” where my hits register (despite me visibly seeing my sword hitting them…you wanna talk about immersion breaking?). The attack movements of the enemies often make me miss my combos. Some enemies, like vulpes, require me to walk so their head is between my legs and I’m hitting their butts. This is uncomfortable and immersion breaking. It’s even worse when you basically have to be inside a boss to hit.

Edit 2: When I find these unique little places (the abandoned campground and the dragon bones in the desert, the little nook at the back of the top of lamavoran wilds, etc) give me a reward for finding it. It doesn’t have to be anything tangible even, just exploration xp. Or place lore in all of those places. Or both. Or put pieces to a puzzle there, a quest of sorts. Just give these reasons a place to exist.

Edit 3: Complaints about fellowships aside for a moment, why can’t I see who in my fellowship is online? Why is this relegated only to the friends list? Why can’t I check the last active time and total active time of people in my fellowship? If you’re going to have a limit on fellowships, I need those tools to keep on top of things.

Edit 4: The game often feels very static. Sure, the monsters walk back and forth and can spawn in a few places, but things like encounters or events or something to mix things up would really help liven things up (roving pack of bandits that are 1 level higher than most in that area, for example).

Edit 5: What’s up with journal? Why is there still no way to keep manual written notes anywhere in the book? Why is there no way to keep track in game of the teleportation runes? Why can’t I tack a note onto my potions to say how long they take to age and what their grace period once aged is(before over-aging)? Why can’t I keep track of what runes do what and how I should be using them for different classes in artificing?
And what of the map(s)? Why are there still some missing? Why can’t I view them all linked together as a “world map”? I think the best thing that could be done is have a cartographer quest added in at lower levels that gives you a single map page that you can put on your belt, and says “but there are still more out there!”. As you get into each new zone, you have to track down or complete quests to earn the map for that area. Each map you discover adds on to the existing map page(s), making a nice big fold out map you can use to help figure out the lands.


Great ideas, only wanted to +1 few points, specifically:

  • Yes, please give us daily quests! These would be an awesome incentive to log in more

  • Yes, please gift active guilds a stall! I will not ever get one, privately, due to lack of dram and time to make it worthwhile. Applying for one via guild is complicated, least for smaller guilds. It would require gathering up and donating dram first, then competing for it and what all, and to do all of this every month anew, additionally to coordinating dungeon groups, is alot of work for the guild leader.
    Yet many of us got resources, even selling them off to vendors which could’ve been put into a guild stall instead, or perhaps craft the one or other potion for it, just for fun, and if there were less efforts needed to get one this would likely be spicing up the market (and one additional thing, I really would like to know which guild or person owns a stall!)

  • Yes, please give us a shared chest in guild hall, for the same reasons.


Repeatable kill quests for zones would be nice until there is time to look at better options!

PvP situation worries me a lot. But let’s wait until may 7th to see what’s going on with that.
My thinking is that any PvP without a point system/rewards/loot would be very very dead because the community is so small, and people will ofc want to do dungeons, raid, level, craft etc etc. What’s the motivation for PvP? If it’s for fun it better be real real funny or it would be real hard to find players :frowning:

Possible to have an open world castle or hill with lootchest and enabled PvP+points towards something per kill?
I bet that such an a zone would always be crowded with players.


You definitely made some good points!

I think the main problem here is it stacking infinitely with no cooldown per use on trash mobs (So it just comes back literally the second you decurse). Makes it ridiculous when multiple trash mobs are poisoning you, and no amount of decurse will help.

I really think there shouldn’t be something that makes a significant difference for drops in game especially since were already getting tons of guaranteed gear. Really I doubt anyone has tested near enough to see how big the difference is.

I think it is funny when people say this.

This is coming eventually. Not an overnight kinda thing, and they’ve already said several times that it is coming. It would really help keep the game alive for some people though.

Except for dat sick dram dye :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like purchasing chest expansions is on the way, but I’m pretty sure that lots of people buy potions in game and wouldn’t agree with you completely here. Dram can save you time.

Seriously? It takes like 10-15 hours to get 1-20 right now with the xp boosts and added quests. It would be insane to make it quicker than that. It took almost exactly 30 hours on the first two days to grind to 20 with none of the boosts yet and that doesn’t seem like an insane amount of time to reach max level in a game. Now its over twice as fast.

Some potions have a long grace period and some have a very short one. If you learn the time it takes to age, it is extremely simple to have them not ruin. I think is is exactly how it should be.


Good point on the poison, I definitely agree there. While I understand the need for challenge, certainly at top tier content, I think it just sucks a bit of fun out of things when a mage is forced to constantly cast decurse and watch it have little effect.

For luck rings, my desire isn’t to see them make such a significant difference so as to be the only way to roll when you’re not doing shard dungeons. I just want them to be balanced out to the point that I actually care to wear them. I don’t even think I put them on when I’m dye farming, which is the ideal time for me to be wearing luck gear. On the point of dram, I guess you could just run luck potions all the time if you’re swimming in the stuff.

Why is having immersion broken funny? It’s a big part of VR for me. I use simple overlays under my hands while streaming so I can interact with my viewers, but much like using a supercomputer in my pocket, I just forget it’s there after a while. If I have to remove my headset I’m just reminded I need to clean my basement, not that I’m a badass warrior.

The problem with XP is that I only have grinding to do now. All my quests are done, save for the tradu cape quest and I haven’t gotten around to kill those last few mutated cactaurs I need. Neither give me xp in any huge amount. I definitely understand that the grind is real, I’ve said it all along, and I can accept it, but grinding can be a bit tedious if you don’t have any goals or anything to work towards and are just killing stuff. At least on my mage I can convince myself it’s all just spell practice and I’m getting better at casting as a result.

I would be okay with the potion aging if everything wasn’t so mysterious (like, if you aged a potion once, and let it sit until it spoiled, the information on aging it would go into your book, as you had a concrete test you had done that gave you the information. I understand not handing everything to the player, but at a certain point it just becomes tedium for the sake of tedium. I’m not opposed to the potions having unique aging times and unique grace periods, just have a way to keep track of that a bit better.


It’s just become something that people in general say for every little thing. If something isn’t completely life-like in game some say it’s immersion breaking (which is the most ridiculous sentiment ever because they are playing games). Made the term worthless with how overused it is. Search the word “immersion” in the search bar and I’m sure somewhere in the list you’ll get a laugh.


Haha, yeah, I’ll agree with that, it is definitely overused, but there are certainly things that do take me out of the game in a noticeable way. When I have to consciously think about things that are not part of the game just to be able to play the game, that’s the stuff I’m talking about.


Man Aeon letting it all fly loose, lol but seriously i definitely agree to adding some daily quests to add some more things to do. Just dont add pvp quests because they could be easily exploited

As i have mentioned before it would be awesome to take a week or two just for all the bugs and balancing issues but unless the majority of players try to show the devs we are ok with that it cant happen, but even then alot of these bugs are problems that the devs them selves dont know how to fix so alot of this is just going to have to be fixed overtime with the sprints or have to wait until all the content is released for a this to be out of EA.


A lot of good points here. The wilds are dead for the most part. I like the idea of capturing points to increase drops. A few other ideas to add for the wilds to spice them up.

  • I think there should be notorious monsters that only spawn in the wilds like dragons, that drop special pets.
  • More unique drops only to be found in the wilds
  • Daily quests for the wilds
  • Put the same dungeons in the wilds that are in the PvE area, but make the drop rates higher on gear
  • Put a world boss in the wilds
  • Killing someone gives you a death shard, can be used at a vendor for special capes/items. (could only get 1 per hour if you kill the same person to prevent cheating)


Excellent ideas Johann! I really like the idea of notorious monsters and unique drops and stuff. I think giving more end-game reason to get out into the wilds (that would make people want to get out there and farm more), would get more people there, which could also really help the pvp element, which would also be great for your death shards idea.


It would be nice to actually know if an attack is physical or magical, maybe through some audio feedback? Like physical hit has an armor sound, and magic hit has a softer fizzle sound? Or perhaps some indicator so the tank knows?

I think another thing you didn’t mention is how poison seems to just kill people, especially if it stacks. Poison is so dangerous in this game since you cannot really avoid most attacks that have poison, and worse, the corrupted boars have a poison so strong and applies multiple times (bug?) that it kills anyone the boar is attacking. Doesn’t feel balanced at all.

I think what Luck does should be explained by the devs. Does it increase drop rate? Does it increase the chance of a double drop? Does it increase very specific aspects of loot rolls or loot tables? How much is the base luck? Is it even working?? How are players even supposed to test this to report if its working or not?

On one hand, discord solved a lot of VOIP problems and guilds were going to use this anyways. On the other hand, the game didn’t have very strong features for fellowship/group and ingame channels for voip so it was really inevitable.

The in game LFG could be better. A dungeon finder that is better than post it note style probably would help make LFG less of a chore. Most people don’t even know how it works it seems. Just like most people don’t know about the PVP arena.

Well you could use dram to buy materials instead of farming it. But I think they should, sooner than later, focus on some quality of life upgrades that involve dram, particularly upgrading the player house, and the guild hall.

This seems to be intentional to make it feel like a traditional MMO where it takes a bit of time investment to go places in this game. That includes leveling up alts. It would have been nice if they tried a different approach where leveling up character levels wasn’t part of the design but grinding to level is pretty common.

That being said, it would be wonderful if there were a lot more quests to level up on, even if it only means leveling up just 1 secondary profession.

Maybe instead of daily quests, weekly quests? Or both? Perhaps daily quests that lead to a weekly reward? I think some people might have an issue of having to go somewhere to kill 10 things which might cut into their “me” time they’ve gotten used to in Orbus however.

Hopefully with a new programmer they can knock out bugs faster than we are reporting them!

I think at some point they need to revamp the system to allow for deeper customization. Having 1 rune for Frost in general cuts a lot of creativity out in a way. But artificing in its current form also seems to prevent room for growth for every class in its current design.

Even if fellowships didnt exist officially I think people who played together would band together and create fellowships/guilds in discords as we have today.

I would like it so that playerhouses connect to their fellowships, and fellowships had doors to both highsteppe and guild city. This way everyone is connected more and the guild hall becomes a hub of its own.

I also support the guild chest idea, but I think Riley said he was going to implement that two months ago.

It still has a lot of issues. Hitboxes should be tied to the player’s height, not the height of the enemy, and the enemy hitboxes should be way more forgiving, rather than a minigame where the warrior has to find the best position every time they move.

It feels awful to “miss” hitting a fox in VR when if this was realistic, you’d be hitting it 100% of the time with your sword. It should literally be impossible to “miss” with a swing considering you are right there as a warrior and warriors constantly complain about the hitboxes even after the beta became default.

The only reason why they’ve praised it is because it was great compared to what it used to be.

This has been reported for a while and just hasn’t been addressed I guess. I don’t think anyone uses the fellowship feature in game anymore.

I think this has to do with Riley’s vision of the game where he wants players to figure it out themselves. But at the same time not having some assist with debuff timers and healing numbers which should be standard in MMOs does turn a lot of players off.

I don’t think it is. I think having to do some repetitive action like making potions a chore to make also breaks immersion. But some people also argued that having more inventory size breaks their immersion somehow. I guess its different for everyone.

As for the wilds, I think we’ll have to wait and see what their PVP update is about though there are some interesting ideas being thrown around in here.


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