Afflicted shard does nothing (help devs)

We tried everything. The afflicted affix doesn’t seem to do anything. Checked numbers of all attack types (including AoE) on both players and monsters.


I’d really like to know what it is supposed to do… perhaps something not related to attack?!

Also checked healing, DoT count, healthbars of stuff etc…

Well perhaps all mobs are afflicted with colour-blindness, however they got used to it and fight like they normally do XD

If I recall correctly (I can double check next week), afflicted is supposed to make enemy attacks have a chance to apply a random debuff from a small pool to players they hit. I think poison was one of them.

See if any debuffs get applied to someone in your party (I guess the tank would be receiving the majority of them)? From what I remember during testing they worked fine.


we found it seemed to make AoEs do extra damage if things like poison or the mist keepers fog were on (a damaging debuff)

No that was a theory that was based on feeling and ppl dying. I tested that today and the mistkeeper does exactly the same damage on AoE and green mist. I guess there can be a debuf that let ppl die faster… (the green icon) Will check ti whenever I can.


Hmm ok we will look out for that - with all those mutations and regular debuffs and being a random one it would be indeed harder to figure than others.

Couldn’t find a “small pool” of debuffs anywere. Let me get hit by different type of monsters and bosses in an afflicted airship lvl 1. Let me get hit for 20+ mins long and didn’t see a single icon on me or the enemy appear.

I’m not terribly sad it doesn’t work or procs very, very rarely though… might be the explanation for some unexpected insta-deaths in weeks with infection mutation on. Or cause those in the future so we can forget those in those weeks; and i’m tired to hold back certain shards where weekly+fixed mutations are making things impossible, not for every group, but for most this could be the case I believe.

By a “small pool” I meant that it chooses from a small selection of debuffs to apply attacks to.

But we’ll look into it and see what’s going on with it.

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