Affliction 2 ending up as a Fireball 1


i’ve noticed that about 2-3 out of 10 times i cast the Affliction 2 rune i will end up with a fireball 1.
The runes that end up as Fireball 1 look just like the ones that end up as the real Affliction 2.

I’ve asked several other Runemages and they’ve confirmed that it happens to them too.

I’m really confused about that since the Fireball rune doesnt really have any similarities with the Affliction 2 rune.

Merry Christmas and best regards :smile:


I have never had this happen, and I use affliction lvl 2 all the time. Sometimes mine comes out as affliction lvl 1 but it’s rare and usually if I am casting too quickly. If you start the squared base from the left of the affliction symbol I think this will fix your problem. Good luck and if you add me an show me where you are having errors perhaps I can help. I am DocVyrus ingame


I have had this happen 1/100 very rare for me. Usually happens if I get to sloppy. Would you mind recording your casting so we can see it?

it does happen to me… as you cast affliction 2 without the circle, you can do a bow tie for polymorph, cast frostbolt 2 without the horizontal bar in the middle, cast the first symbol of teleport with an horyzontal line and a little m in the middle… there are a few kinks to work out in the casting system :smiley:

There are definitely some shortcuts that can be used with the system as it is, however for the best results for receiving the spell you want I would suggest drawing the full rune.

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