Agro range on island

The agro range on the island seems much greater than the other areas of the overworld. As a level 30 in highsteppe I can pass a monster very close without taking agro. On the island I have to pass monsters almost at the edge of the draw range on my Quest and as I can’t see them much before they agro I get too close sometimes.

That’s because they are red x and impossible level enemies and the level of the zones are completely different.


I only hope the draw range on the quest 2 is increased abit so I don’t have to attract their attention before I have a chance to turn and run.

Their agro range is far too short, even on quest players I have played with have no problem avoiding them. With nearly no agro range you don’t have to pay as much attention to your surroundings like in old game when they could spot you from another planet.

Personally think they should up the agro range to make you walk around more carefuly.