Aimed area effects don't work on Pimax


I have a strange issue where when I cast my RuneMage special, or use the level 1 aimed AE spell (forgot the name), they don’t work on Pimax. I didn’t find anything searching, so I figured I’d post here and see if anyone (or the devs) have any ideas on how to address this.

To be clear, by “they don’t work” I mean that while the spell triggers (using the triggers for the special, or drawing the rune for the level 1 AE) “work” and the animation plays, mobs don’t take damage.

This isn’t necessarily new, but I didn’t play seriously after I received the Pimax in early 2019 (I used to before the relaunch on my old Vive, and of course they worked fine), and only started recently when some friends joined the game. I probably noticed it for the first time in Dec.


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Could we get a video of what you mean when arcane explosion is doing no damage? Might help deduce what is happening.

Workes on my pimax… aoe is smaler then the old game is that the problem?

Sorry for delay - I’ll try to capture a video next time I play (probably tonight or tomorrow).

No it just doesn’t hit at all even at point blank. If you get some time over the next few days, can you answer a few questions for me:

  • Are you using Parallel Projections in PiTools?
  • What FOV do you use?
  • What refresh rate do you use?
  • What’s your PiTools quality and your SteamVR SS setting?