Airship Death Loop is BAAAAAAAD and needs fixing


We were running a shard 10 airship and were on track to keep it a 10 until we got caught in a Death loop on the airship. This is a REAL problem on this dungeon for high level shards. When mobs spawn near the respawn point they will get stuck up high and that SCREWS the group. Shields are on cooldown, heals are on cooldown and it becomes wipe after wipe. The mobs should be forced to leash back to their spawn points to avoid this. This really needs addressing as it had all of us super pissed off. Really killed the mood to delevel a shard to such stupid crap.

Another issue is how close you are put to the shard exit. There should be a confirmation that you want to leave the shard while the shard is active due to the fact that if you exit, the game puts you below the world when you reenter. this other issue needs addressing as well.


I think my recommendation was to put the respawn further back on the ship… change the map so that the ship has the helm area at the spawn location.

blue: helm
pink: ad spawns
brown: sails



Whatever was changed in the raid that made the bosses unable to be moved out of their spawn room. Just teleport the mobs back to their original spawn point rather than letting them move those couple feet away from it.

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This should be done ASAP. With only 4 dungeons, stuff like this sticks out like a sore thumb.

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Urgh ya we had the same today that f’d us up again and again and again!

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Its very frustrating that ads can aggro you on respawn at the entrance over and over.


Funny how this happened to us today too :sweat_smile:


It has been Airship day. we still have another airship 10 to play with yay.


Yeah Nova also ran airship. It really is an airship day lol


This has happened on nearly every airship 10 we have run.


ez fix , dont die.

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I am bumping this. On our shard 9 (alert!) two groups spawned at the entrance, were not resetting to their places and we were in a death trap getting worse and worse with groups spawing, it been hardly possible to synchronize the reawaken to at least have a full group to go on.

We agreed to give up in the end, wait for our downgrade and left the dungeon, but bugs like that are pretty much not the reason hard-earned shards should be canceled, specially because it was our first time that the first boss went rather smoothly :frowning: