Alchemy Bug (Probably caused by connection loss?)

I was making like 10 health potions and on the 8th or so one my Rotospore + Queens ear didn’t pop up the text that I added it in the cauldron and then the pot turned red and got stuck.

I then couldn’t interact with the cauldron anymore or open the doors in the house. The doors would open 1/5 of the way and snap back to closed.

Relogging fixed the issue.

Did you have sufficient materials in the chest? sometimes the materials would stay on the table after you used all of them and the same thing i describe would happen to me (in beta).

Has this happened recently? Like since midway through there last beta. We definitely looked into fixing the issue with items sticking on the table after you’ve used all of them and if it had resurfaced I’d definitely want to look into it. Thanks!

Personally, I agree with Justin’s hypothesis that it was a connection issue because of the way he was unable to interact with things, but that’s definitely not my area of expertise.

Ye it literally happened yesterday and i had like half the chest full.

Sorry I’m on mobile and the first part was supposed to be a response to Michael’s post about the items remaining on the table after you have used all of them. That may not have been clear initially.

Are you saying that when this possible connection bug happened you also experienced lingering models on the table when that spot in your chest was empty?

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I was responding to you and michael but no my chest was just half full of items like it was suppose to be.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying!

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