Alert sewer shards


The mobs at the start of the dungeon are too close and make it incredible annoying to do. At the start of the shard you need to be on your toes instantly and if you die then the team needs to re-awake at the same time or die 1 by 1.

This mob is the main pain, with each death it gets closer to spawn. It will quickly end up just sitting there waiting for you to spawn to instantly shoot you again and kill you and respawn and kill you and respawn and kill you and respawn…

There is a ton of room between the first 3 packs of mobs and the rat boss so if the mobs all move back it will be fine and stop this from being an issue.


Also a problem in airship.


the bigger problem on airship is accidentally walking through the portal the very start because you take 2 steps backwards

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