All of the Temple!

Something we have noticed, is the rate at which shards roll to temple seems to be far higher than the rest. Not sure if we’ve just had some bad luck, but we’ve had at least 6 temple 15’s out of a total of 11 level 15 shards. That’s not even counting the amount of temples we’ve had sub 15. This normally wouldn’t be an issue, but currently temple is VERY difficult to do, or near impossible. As far as I know the highest temple completed in time has been a 8. This seems like an issue.


Temples were completed in time up to 12 just yesterday, however, by bruteforcing it going with some of the highest dps and no healer which is not quite what is intended (doing the maths some setups amount to go with 3-4 more people than an average 5man setup with good high-end dps+heal… so bosses for example can’t even unfold all intended mechanics, they are nuked before).

Other than these rare setups, temples are just piling up for everyone and yea, feels like every second shard rolls to it, not only 13+ or something. And slowly it sucks, majorly, not only for progress guilds but specially for those trying to include newer players.
We need to play that many hours to get any rolls of doable hihger shards lately (also something like aggressive-last stand-vindictive is practically a downgrade), that there’s barely time to do fun things anymore.

The lvl 12 and 11 temple were both done in a very reasonable time. Our dps was 100% not the highest dps. I would say 1/3th of the best ppl playing. So that is no reason at all. We all know that mistkeeper and not dying in general on that dungeon is the bottleneck in time (long walk). Looking at our times I am going to say if nothing goes wrong then temple is the second fastest dungeon in the game.

@Sir_Schmoopy you got probably 6 temples because lvl 14 and 15 increases the chances dramatically to get a temple or mines. So thinking about rng it is probably a bit bad luck. But nothing more then that. About the other lvl shards. Our group hates doing crypt. The effect is that it looks like we are only getting crypts. Have a whole tab of almost only crypts now -_-

it is incredibly annoying getting the two new dungeon so much, not a lot of groups can run them at a high level so his gets frustrating.

Too bad we can’t trade. Crypt is easy lol.

Also, are you guys kiting mist keeper? I have yet run a high temple myself, this is feedback from my guildies. The timing between slam and tank buster is killing them. Without kiting, I don’t see how you’re doing it

You are suppose to jump out of the ground AoE. We done it with and without kiting.

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