Allow reentering Random Queue Dungeons if you accidentally walk out

Especially for airship, sometimes people walk out by accident. When you are in a Random Queue, sometimes you want to return and can’t. Please give us an option to return to dungeon (or maybe change the exit portals to give you a “Do you want to leave?” confirmation message, but that might upset players that just want to leave.) There is also the issue where you can’t use the exit portal even if you want to, which could be solved if the portals had a pedestal or something that you had to activate, but that might just get some players trapped.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the tank bring a mob up, the mob does smash and someone dodges into the exit portal on airship.

I’ve had a few people walk out of the dungeon trying to get a view of their role because their view was blocked and they walked a little too far (some of which may have been on purpose, but I know a few of those people that walked out by accident since I do random dungeons queues almost nonstop).

I’ve seen someone dodge into the exit portal because an attack came with the respawn and they dodged instead of just dying and respawning again. (Muscle memory and panic dodge combined can be killer).


Yes I agree there should be something to prevent this I’ve had many times where my controller drift walks me out the dungeon before my screen even loaded the dungeon in very aggravating especially when I hear someone say “oh someone already left” and it’s something I literally can’t control

Yeah, I’ve had this glitch where I get stuck running and can’t stop for a bit. I assume your controller drift is basically similar of an issue except a physical issue.

I would second this, but not even just for airship purposes. I was in a dungeon queue farming shards, and my game timed out right after we killed the second boss. When my game relogged, I was put back into a different dungeon instance so I lost all of my loot :frowning: No shard for me.

Also I keep accidentally walking out of airship during shards, going back in to end up in the sky, and then having to go to grave and wait until my party dies to get back into the dungeon.