Allow us to get the conqueror set in shards

Please make the abandon mines transmogs available in shards like the Laguz set. I often find it harder to get people to run unsharded mines just for transmogs when they would rather just do shards, and plus 5 conqueror would be sick.


but like
you could just transmog

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eh, harder to get ppl to do it for transmogs and like yk having shard gear that looks diffrent is always good.


Idk about that ive never had much trouble getting people to do unsharded for transmogs

at least you need 2 ppl to do unsharded

lol really

its just an idea and i really only play when others are busy and im on a 50 dungeon streak for no big hat

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I mean you can actually just solo the whole dungeon

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ya but mage bad

1 tank
1 dps

You can do it on tank solo

and only get tank gear

at least need 1 tank and 1 call of transmogs

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