Alternate dynamic scaling


I have an Idea for the dynamic scaling that will allow all levels to play together, high level players to kill starter mobs easily, but still not one shot things.

if all mobs have a “base level” and all the mobs in the world are leveled like orbus currently is with low levels in starter areas and higher levels in mid and end game areas. now you scale those mobs, but scaled to 2(maybe 3) levels above or below you based on their base level. so if you are level 20 and a mob has a base level of 10 the mob will be scaled to level 18, if it was a level 30 mob it would be scaled to leve 22, if it was level 19 it would stay 19, if it was 20 it would stay level 20, etc.

basically giving a level tolerance of ±2 levels so mobs in starter areas are relatively easy to kill for anyone who has leveled up a bit while mobs in zones that are closer to end game would be harder to kill for someone lower level.

how big the level difference has to be for it to be scale above or below you could also be changed, so you could have mobs be scaled to your level if they were within ±1 level or be a level higher/lower for every 2 levels of difference. it could also be scaled 3 level above/below you if there was say a 7 level difference.

overall there is a lot of tweaking that could be done to make it the best possible, thoughts?


I like this idea, but I think that to fully capture the OPness that people want, the scaling should not be limited to just ±3. Maybe 5 or 7? Or just do it based on level difference with no cap… So at highest difference of about 30 levels (level 30 player attacking level 1 mob or vice-versa), give the scaling a bonus either way of 1/3 or 1/5 levels or something. That way, as the level cap is raised, the fix remains effective. In fact, with higher level caps, you’d end up with better results.


reason for not going to more than 2 or 3 above or below was to keep with the reason they added level scaling in the first place, so any level player can play together without one doing basically everything and the other close to nothing.
if there is no limit then the mobs should at least only scale a level up or down every 5 levels of difference maybe even more