Alternative arrows for the ranger

When someone starts this class, they should start with the normal arrows only. The special arrows are the major source of damage for this class, but giving everything to the player right away takes away from the potential exploration and excitement in gaining something new. I feel that the player will get more out of the class if they start exploring the globe system before giving into the different arrows, but I’m sure I’m alone with this opinion. I know the people would rather just have the 5 arrows from the start, so I think we should at least be able to discover alternate arrows outside of Highsteppe.

There should be different special arrows around the world that can be found and used to enhance the ranger’s arsenal (similar to the runmage’s discoverable pillars). Either the arrows themselves can be found or maybe ranger books or an NPC with knowledge of these arrows.

Since the ranger can equip 2 special arrows at a time, there should be 2 different versions of the specials. For instance, there should be the raining fire arrow and an explosion arrow. This way the player can focus on fire damage if they want while another is all about poison.


The smoke arrow should be corrected by adding a confusion AoE so it can be useful against monsters. Affected enemies attack each other for a short period of time. A solitary confused enemy will attack the nearest target, including the player.
The alternate smoke arrow: shot at the player’s feet or another’s to cloak them for a short while.

The alternate fire arrow: a single-shot explosive that deals knockdown damage and stun.

The alternate poison arrow: a lower percentage DoT that spreads to nearby enemies.

The alternate spread arrow: bursts into additional arrows shooting outward from the landing place of the original.

The alternate piercing arrow: deal the damage of a regular arrow unless charged, in which case it does double the charge damage of the original piercing arrow.

Rare find, the lightning arrow: stutters target. Charged shot paralyzes target. Paralysis time depends on crit damage relative to enemy strength.

PS: I’m fine with the trap because I mostly use it to interrupt enemies who get too close, but having alternatives for that would also be neat.

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You’ve got some solid ideas. I don’t know how much I care about the whole earning your arrows thing, seeing as how all other classes get theirs immediately and that’s asking a whole philosophy change. I’m all for reworking the arrow abilities though. Darkness and spread arrow in particular feel like somebody had a paper due tomorrow and turned it in last minute.

I don’t expect anyone to go along with the arrow earning idea. That’s just the thought that motivated me toward the concept of additional alternative arrows.

With this, you’d start out as a ranger the way it is now. When you explore you would find more arrows to give you more options.

This really just boils down to giving rangers 11 arrows with 6 of them being out in the world waiting to be found.

I don’t know the direction the devs are heading as far as class development goes (are new abilities on the roadmap?) but the Ranger really could use some love. A few of the arrows cough smoke arrow cough spread arrow, are really behind the times.

I think they are afraid to change the classes atm. They feel like they are all decent because they are are being played by at least some ppl. The past got a lot of pitch forks on class changes. And lastly the main dev that was (and I guess still is) responsable for this, is out of the main community involvement.

Its a shame though because there are clear flaws and some bugs that I would love to see changed. And people get heated for these type of changes because its one of the more important things people care about in this game. Which is a good thing. So again hope for future changes/improvements again :sweat_smile:

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Looking to keep this conversation going. Ranger needs a new ability arrow or two. Smoke arrow can get bent.

The Ranger needs an aoe dot ability. and a 3 or 4 arrow slots. right now the ranger is good for…single target…thats it. Its pointless in higher level shards. Like absolutely pointless in higher level shards. Rangers cannot do high damage against multiple enemies. Just one. and even then its almost useless. I actually switched to tank because Rangers dont do the damage required for high level shards.
the fire aoe should be changed to a low hit high poison aoe that lasts for 15 seconds with a 5-6 second cool down for the big mobs. Mages can do high single target damage and wipe anything out almost instantly.
I do understand things like this will require rework of some other pointless classes but thats needed at this point.
Scoundrel is used as a lazy class while bard is useless too.

at this point I honestly quit Orbus until they rework Ranger. Ranger is the weakest class beside the scoundrel. Why should I play a game where my class is useless because the devs are too lazy to care about their game?

Lol ranger isn’t useless in high level shards if you are good at it. Maybe you just need more practice.

That is true, ranger is just the least theoretical dps on most boss fights and the second lowest on trash (scoundrel curving multi low health target very bad for dps). And in current situation only few can get high dps in which is still beaten by alot of less time spend shaman/mage.

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