Always daylight option or a way to turn spell brightness down?

Maybe I just have sensitive eyes but when it gets dark outside a lot of the spells that I cast as a rune mage hurt my eyes from the contrast of the outdoor darkness vs the very bright spells. If there was a way I could turn down the brightness of the spells or increase the light around me it would be helpful. It feels like staring at fireworks for hours at a time and I guess I got fatigued easier and just waited for it to be daylight again. Does anyone else experience this?

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I kinda agree. The contrast isn’t nice to the eyes. Having a lighted area around the player would help and would open up new gameplay mechanics. You could make caves completely dark and require the player to equip a mining-helmet or lantern which offers some light. At the same time it would solve the problem with heavy contrasts.

I also want to mention that I am against a “always daylight”-option as it would destroy possible gameplay concepts. For example the devs could decide to have different enemies during night or the option to equip a lantern for nighttime and such stuff. Having the option always enable daytime would ruin such experiences. I am sure there are better ways to solve this problem. :slight_smile:

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Yeah actually I’m the next patch the night is not quite as dark in general. We’ll definitely keep playing with this. A personal light sourcen might be a good idea too.


I already compiled a list of changes I think might make the day-/nightcycle more interesting. Gonna post that later today :slight_smile:

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